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Now that the moon has reached her peak and is ready to begin her journey back into the cover of darkness we find ourselves in a Waning Gibbous in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is a sign of publicity, public notoriety and deals heavily with the way we communicate with others.

While the Moon resides in this sign one of the major energetic pushes is to deepen our understanding of the way we are seen and received by the world around us. Since we are fresh out of Taurus energy where the energy was heavily focused on our accomplishments we must be mindful of not slipping into arrogance at this time. This may me a time where the urge to “toot your horn” may be harder to resist than usual. Before you blow your trumpet be sure to know your audience. Is this a space ready to receive you? Is it your heart or perhaps the ego that has this craving for boasting? This is a time to put your best foot forward, communicating effectively from a place of love. Remember that gloating at the expense of someone else’s comfort may be a temporary thrill but might leave you feeling a bit empty afterwords.

This doesn’t mean dimming your light for the comfort of others, it simply means choosing your audience for receptivity. For example, if your friend just recently lost their job and is struggling with income and maintaining their living situation this is perhaps not the individual with whom you should gush about the vacation your planning.

To highlight this communicative Gemini energy for your highest good now is the time to explore where and how you can urge your network into growth. Reach out to like minded individuals, be willing to step outside of your comfort zones to foster new connections. Ask other individuals about their hopes, dreams and visions. Perhaps you will uncover a way to begin working with another, after all collaborative dreaming is one of the most powerful forces on this planet.

Writing under the sign of Gemini is also extremely beneficial. Allow your thoughts to flow like rivers into paper, unleash your inner poet, ask your guides to reveal messages to you through your written word.

Today’s Mansion is known as “The Bridge”

In this mansion we see Mercury and Venus coming together in a sort of ritualistic dance. Both Planets carry deep energies of expression but the way mercurial energy and Venusian energy express themselves are very different, opposing in fact.

Mercury moves rapidly and is famous for its changeability, Venus moves slowly and carries with it a heavy dose of possessive energy. Since this Mansion is ruled by both of these planets “The Bridge” is all about differences of opinions and ideas coming together in harmony. The Bridge itself is in reference to creating a channel between individuals or modes of thinking that seem upon the surface that they are doomed to clash.

The real push with this Mansion is to seek peace where conflict and discord would simply be easier. Remember, we all carry seeds of truth just as we all carry entirely different perceptions and different life experiences. By allowing ourselves to drop the preconceived notion that we know all there is to know about a given situation we open ourselves up to compassionate new beginnings. Your freedom is worth the initial discomfort of letting your guard down.

Today’s White Moon Goddess is Athene (known by the romans as Athena or Minerva” Athena famously was born fully grown and fully armored, bursting from the eye of her Father Zeus who prior had been experiencing a terrible headache. Athene was the favorite of Zeus’ many children. This is highlighted by the fact he gave her his most well known weapon, the thunderbolt. Athena was the Goddess of War strategy and delighted in battle. Not only did she support the Greeks in the Trojan War but she joined them on the battlefield, striking terror in the hearts of their opponents. When she thought a warrior was worthy of her favor Athene willingly showed her support through action. Hercules, Perseus and Odysseus are all heroes who benefited greatly from the favor of Athene.

As Athene grew in stature she rose to become the Goddess of wisdom, her symbol being the all seeing owl, as well as the Goddess of feminine crafts. Weaving in particular was honored greatly by Athene.


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