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These black leggings have been a favorite item in my wardrobe for a long time because they feature“Ink Addict” along the side, which is why I continue to wear them even though I noticeably spilled pink nail polish on them. Writing has been one of the most consistent love’s of my entire life and that’s what these leggings remind me of every time I wear them, even though Ink Addict is actually in reference to tattoo ink which I love as well. Writing has brought more creative freedom and healing to my life than I can possibly describe. It has been an outlet to connection with my own soul for the entirety of my life and as I’ve grown into myself it has also become a sacred outlet for communication and manifestation with the divine. Our words truly hold tremendous power. Hearts can fill with love, fall apart and be mended back together again all through words.

Writing in particular offers great freedom because it allows you the space to channel words that may be intimidating to say out loud. Writing them down removes the weight from the words and uplifts you all at once. When you take words of love and write them down in addition to saying them you infuse them with your own loving energy. Spell weaving is done powerfully through writing, when you connect ink with parchment it is as if you are sealing a sacred bond. Tattoos have also brought so much healing and creative power into my world. I truly think of my body as the home of my soul and as such I like to envision my home as a canvas to be filled with the most beautiful art resonate to me as possible.

In this edition of Alien Aesthetic I thought it would be fun to blend my love of these two realms of ink by mixing together ink & tattoo artwork with bits of my own personal writings. Enjoy! With love, Kismet

Today’s Featured Alien is Toni! On Instagram as @magicagirl. Toni is a Pisces Queen who is stepping into her power and intuitive gifts in a beautiful way. She is an individual who I look forward to see unlock even more of her unique gifts because after meeting her once you can see is truly something special. One of the most standout things about this divine beauty is her ability to nurture with tenderness even the tiniest of creatures. She has the heart of a true Earth Angel. There is a softness to her that brings a sense of calm to her surroundings and that softness is reflected in her sense of style. I would describe her style as vintage class with a rebel beauty twist.


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