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When the winds of change are upon us and we know that it is time to decide where to continue investing our time and energy it can be easy to find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with worry about making the choices that are truly right for us. When Bright Baby appears in our midst she asks us to drop the complexities and for the moment choose simplicity. Don’t over complicate things by running the possibilities through your mind over and over. Instead drop into your heart center and seek your answers from there. The answers will provide themselves in their own time so long as you create the space for them to appear. We must do so through the art of simplicity and presence. Anxiety stems from projecting your thoughts into the future or by lingering in the past. By learning how to remain present your answers can find you without you depleting your energy.

It is nearly impossible to make a decision for our highest good if we haven’t waited for clarity. Making rash decisions based on emotions such as fear or attachment can leave you questioning yourself and your self esteem impacted. Through clarity we make decisions that are truly aligned with our soul.

So, if you find yourself confused or uncertain about anything in your life know that this is not the time to act. Give yourself time, whether it be hours, days or weeks to wait for clarity. With clarity comes those brilliant “Aha!” moments where truth suddenly comes flooding through all of your concerns.


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