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As the moon wanes in the sign of Leo which is one of the most creative signs in the entire zodiac, we are invited to dive headlong into our creativity. Whether you consider yourself a creative or not every individual is born with a unique brand of creative expression. It’s just about finding a way to relate to your unique mode of expression. Don’t limit yourself thinking you must be able to paint, draw or sing to consider yourself an artist. A key energy of this Leo moon asks us to look upon those who inspire us. Art is an endless sequence of inspiration followed by creation, so there is no room to feel shame if you create something that is an expansion of one of your hero’s earlier creations. Think of all the songs that have been re made, sampled and remixed, all the stories that have been retold. All that is required to stay in artistic integrity is to always give credit where credit is due.

Tonight’s Mansion is known as “Fortuna” which is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. As the name suggests this Mansion ushers in a time where if utilized correctly can be extremely gratifying and fortuitous. The Sun is Leo’s ruling planet and so we are asked to embody the nature of the Sun by purposely putting ourselves in the foreground to truly be seen. Allowing ourselves to be seen is crucial if we truly want to draw in opportunity and experience success. Quite simply, success can not be found hidden under a rock. This is the time to talk about yourself, your gifts and what you bring to the table. This is the time to discern where to better utilize social media and marketing to put your talents on display. This is the time to take the initiative and go after what you want. Remember, the universe will shift things on our behalf in remarkable ways, but first we must take the lead. Be brave, as any rejection carries within it a gift. This gift is the freedom to move forward to the opportunity that is actually right for you.


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