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When Eternal life appears before us we are asked for the moment to disengage from our worldly worries and concerns to sink into a very sacred truth that can in its way instantly lighten the load of whichever burdens we are carrying. This truth is that life has no ending, no beginning but is in fact an endless cycle of the transference of light. By recognizing that this is not your first dance in the choreography of incarnation you can then drop into your internal pools of wisdom to discern insights of value which you can apply to literally any circumstances you find yourself in.

With this knowledge you can also begin to release fears of dying and death which in truth haunt countless individuals. Why fear something that is simply a gateway into new dimensions of light? Would you fear reaching the end of the first book in a series while knowing the sequel is due to follow? Some may ask what is the point for striving for success and achievement in this lifetime if we are to begin again. The answer is thus, the soul remembers, the spirit remembers. Though we cannot perceive them on a surface level the experiences of all our lifetimes journey with us eternally. This is why you can look certain individuals in the eye and sense that they are a truly old soul by the depth of their stare. This is why moments arise where you are inexplicably skilled at something you have no recollection of ever trying before. This is why many of us are drawn to places, cultures and beliefs that seemingly have no connection to our background. This is why we have countless inexplicable fears and desires. Most importantly this is why many of us are born with a sense of purpose that ignites as a fire within our bellies. The soul acts as a compass in ways that our human vessel can’t begin to fathom.

Today, if you find yourself worried about the future or questioning the past I invite you to ground yourself, sink into your roots and remind yourself this life is an eternal rhythmic flow, one your soul remembers all the dance steps to even if you don’t.


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