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For the majority of beings on this planet family is determined by blood relation or government contract but in truth family is defined by soul connection and spirit resonance. Not every individual is blessed with blood ties that are based in love and integrity, which makes the freedom to choose who we consider family that much more important. Life is meant to be shared in love and community, even if you have to seek one out in this world that feels like a divine match.

To be a guardian of your own soul family you must be willing to use your discernment abilities as you navigate your world and only allow relationships close to you that are fulfilling and worthwhile. This means standing in the strength it requires to release the relationships and connections that you have outgrown so that you have the energetic space for what you’re growing into. Unconditional love means loving yourself and others enough to know when you know longer are meant to be apart of each other’s stories.

To be a Soul Family Guardian one of the most important aspects is a willingness to defend to the end, the worthwhile. This means standing behind love and the relationships that are meaningful with all you have. This means standing in integrity even in the face of temptation, this means standing in love even when the overpowering emotion is annoyance, this means striving for understanding even in the heat of frustration. This means showing up consistently for that which you love even on the days it would be easier not to.

A soul family is a gift that should not be taken lightly, allow yourself to look around your world and take special notice of those souls who make your life a bit brighter. Know these souls as family and love them as such. Always remember that you have the blessed right to choose who you travel this journey with and who you leave on the path.

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