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For many the entirety of ones lifetime is spent in hopes of one day reaching an eternal place of peace known as heaven. While is a gesture of devotion to the soul and to the chosen representation of universal love, one can experience the bliss they are looking for right here in this lifetime. Heaven is a place on Earth and can be found in both magnificent displays of grace as well as small moments only noticeable to the well trained eye and observant soul.

To experience Heaven on Earth one must be willing to drop the constraints of a reality bound mind steeped in regulation and control. You must be open to allow the divine to manifest through you & surround you, no matter what portrait life’s circumstances are painting on the surface of your reality. Most importantly we must be willing to seek magic even when evidence suggests that none abounds.

Allow yourself the time to uncover what your personal heaven looks like. Is it in the arms of nature or of a lover? Hidden deep in the realms of a good book? It could be on a dance floor or on a yoga mat, on a beach or hidden deep in the desert, it could even be on the blank pages of a new journal or between bites of your favorite meal. The only requirement is a sense of bliss and appreciation for what’s in front of you.

Know with certainty that heaven wants to be known by you. Bliss, fulfillment and peace are a crucial part of evolution and existence period. The Divine wants to offer you respite from your sorrows and uncertainties but you must know how worthy you are of simplicity and harmony even in life’s most chaotic times. You must know with certainty your worth. You must know that even amongst billions of people on this planet your experience and joy are still of the utmost importance in the eyes of the Great Spirit.

Today take a few moments to dive deeper into what heaven might feel like for you if you were to invite it into your world. From there open your arms and heart wide to invite in the experience your soul is longing for. If you make room for heaven, heaven will certainly make room for you.


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