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When Horseplay appears in our midst it heralds a time where we will soon be on the precipice of entering in a reality which will differ greatly from where we stand now. We are being offered the opportunity to taste real fulfillment through entirely new experiences. The divine is always working on our behalf to shift things in our favor. All that is asked of us to solidly our dreams into reality is first to willingly release the things that energetically may be holding us back. These will be things that on a soul level we know aren’t good for our growth and development but that our ego would rather have us belief are beneficial. These things will be different for every individual, so tune in. The second thing that is asked of us is to dive deeper into the realms of fantasy to allow our imagination to draw the blueprints of all that we wish to experience. As we grow older there are many that would have us believe that imagination and fantasy are a frivolous place to be in. Remember, fantasy is the conception space for manifestion. If you can envision your dreams they can become a vibrant part of your reality. The divine respects our vision and wants us to stand in clarity of what it is we truly want before they shower our blessings upon us. If you feel that you have been held back from something that you truly want it’s a good time to reflect and ask yourself how specific you’ve been to both yourself and the divine. Often why our manifestations are placed on hold is because internally our desires/ dialogue are contradictory. For example you may be telling the divine that you want to fall in love with someone truly special while at the same time thinking to yourself that “women always lie/ men ain’t shit.” In this case how could we ever expect to receive what we’re asking for if we aren’t even willing to envision it, or if we’re dismissing the possibility of their existence by shaming an entire group of people with preconceived notions?

For many of us we are truly on the threshold of magnificent grace and creation. Today, in order to move forward we must ask ourselves, “how might I be getting in my own way?”

Don’t be afraid to let your mind roam the furthest reaches of imagination, rest assured that’s exactly the place you’ll find what you’re looking for.


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