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Hummingbirds are one of the the most beloved winged creatures for their beauty as well as their symbolism. Hummingbirds have long been thought to be messengers of the divine or incarnations of ancient

ones who once roamed the Earth. When the hummingbird card appears before in our midst we are asked to channel the energy of this being by allowing ourselves to explore new territory and make new discoveries about ourselves. Much like the hummingbird who bounces from tree to tree looking for the sweetness between the branches we are pushed to uncover the beauty in the world that surrounds us. Whether you’ve lived in the same place your whole life or are in an entirely new environment there’s always

something to be discovered so long as you are willing to look. The way the hummingbird moves seamlessly from

flower to flower holds a deeper symbolism for us well. We are asked to leave behind the pain and uncertainty of our past by setting our sights on our future and focusing on the flowers lining the path ahead of us. Though it is crucial to be in awareness of our surroundings and think of our safety and comfort as a priority now is the time to move freely without our guard up to wall us in from experience. Now is the time to taste the richness that the world has to offer you.

Another divine trait of the hummingbird is the way it’s feathers reflect the colors of whatever it has been consuming as food. this is yet another sacred reminder for us. We must be mindful of all that we consume as our body truly is our temple. This is not just in reference to food. The music/ programming we listen to, the media we watch and conversations we engage in are all forms of energetic consumption which will effect our vibration and energy levels.

So, today choose mindfully of all that enters your temple as it will allow you to reach greater heights. From there the discoveries you make both internally and externally will be glorious.


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