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In animal symbolism big cat energy pertains to an individual who has struck a harmonic chord with their internal balance and can differentiate between the perfect moment to make a bold move

And when to lie in precise patience.

Timing is everything. As humans we have a tendency to try to rush headlong into what lies ahead rather than to allow the path to unfold naturally. We also have a tendency for the polar action of allowing indecision to freeze us into a blind paralysis. We must open our eyes, sink deep into our intuition and feel our way into the next breath of our destiny. Follow only the beat of a centered heart forward. Let yourself be led by the hand of the divine and gently guided by the internal compass of your own soul.

Tune out the worldly chatter and tune into your own personal truth. A Jungle Lady or Wild One knows that above all else they must be able to trust the truth of their own soul and the fire in their own belly. There will be blessed moments where we travel in packs but there will also be moments where we must learn to fend for ourselves and survive on our own wisdom.

Stay wild, stay free, stay open.


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