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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

When things feel uncertain or out of our control it can be easy to slip into fear and anxiety. When we do we allow ourselves to slip into a vibrational state where we are only pulling in thoughts and feelings that cause us weight and more uncertainty.

When we choose joy even & especially in the face of uncertainty the universe shifts to bring more love into our world in response. We may not have complete choice and control when it comes to the circumstances that unfold in our world, but where we do have a say is where and how we respond.

To experience a life of continued growth and fulfillment with ever evolving experience it is important to choose the higher ground as often as possible. This means choosing to stand in your integrity even when stressors abound. This means smiling in the face of frustration. This means choosing to remain hopeful even when we perceive the odds are stacked against us. This means choosing to pause and play even when the world demands more work from our tired beings. Overall this means finding enjoyment in life and carrying a thankful heart no matter what the world is asking of you.

No matter how busy or demanding ones life may be there is always time for moments of joy. There must simply be a willingness to cultivate moments of joy wherever you can grab them. Even if that means our moment of joy is 15 minutes undisturbed in a hot shower, a daily promise of a favorite cup of coffee or tea or just a few minutes listening/ dancing to some of your favorite tunes.

By showing the universe our willingness to seek joy in our busiest or most frustrating moments in life we are showing our commitment to love and happiness. Through it all the most important things in life with always remain love and happiness. By demonstrating the ability to be a joyful being despite whatever circumstances are unfolding around you, you are putting yourself in a position to receive greater assistance and manifestation from the universe. It’s all about grace and a willingness to say “life is beautiful”

even when circumstances aren’t ideal.


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