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Kokopelli is an ancient deity of fertility, creativity, dance and replenishment. He is a story teller and healer with who also carries the reputation of the mischievous trickster. There are as many different variations of Kokopelli myths and stories are there are ancient glyphs as reminders of his existence. Glyphs featuring this divine humped back flute player can be found all the way from the tip of South America to Canada. Mountains, Deserts and Great Plains all carry markings of his mystical existence. The first discovered petroglyphs of Kokopelli date back 3,000+ years. Truly the amount of stories about this story teller are limitless. He is most often referenced as the being that heralds the changing season from Winter to Spring. Many believe that the hump on his back carries seeds for the coming season and the songs that he plays on his celestial flute.

I find the most resonance with Kokopelli as a source of true creative inspiration. Creativity and Fertility walk hand and hand though often many are led to believe fertility only refers to childbearing. For me to be fertile is to be an ever flowing creative powerhouse. Whenever Kokopelli finds his way to me I know it is with the sacred reminder that I am on the right creative path and that I am being urged to continue creating from the fire in my belly.

As a natural born storyteller I also find deep resonance with Kokopelli because of this. He reminds me to continue sharing my souls song upon this Earth even if it is not immediately understood or well received by others. The journey must continue and the song must continue to be sung.

When I found this Blue Kokopelli dress at a Salvation Army in New York it left me breathless. I knew it was meant for me, not only as an addition to my wardrobe but as a sacred message from the divine, I was on the right track, exactly where I was meant to be.

Needless to say this edition of Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to the creative essence of Kokopelli. May your flute forever play the tune that moves flowers to bloom.

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