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Today we reach the Last Quarter and our Lunar Queen enters the sign of Libra. We are in a critical phase in the moon cycle. With the moon half covered in darkness and half illuminated we are invited to take a very specific challenge head on. The time is now to push our new ideas, beliefs and goals into motion by clearing away that which we have outgrown purposefully and defiantly. The energy of yesterday’s moon invited us to go inward to seek that which is ready to be released, today’s Moon invites us to step into action and begin the releasing process. Remember, by letting go of the things that you have outgrown, whether they be outdated storylines, ideas, or relationships, you are not losing anything but creating space for greater fulfillment and manifestation. As humans we have a way of holding on tightly to things, whether they benefit us or not simply out of the comfort of consistency. If there’s one thing that tends to stir up the most fright, it’s the unknown. The only time we ever have to fear the unknown is if we sit idly by and let life happen. If you are living with intention, you are manifesting the unknown into your known reality with every breath.

The energy of Libra asks us to look at the balance within our personal relationships. Are we showing up for the ones we love? Are they showing up for us? Do we feel that we are thriving in our relationships or are we holding on to trauma bonds? Are we dependent on our relationships for our happiness? Do we truly know how to love ourselves and love others with equal respect? Lastly, do we honor the personal boundaries of ourselves and those we love? Balance is key in embodying true peace, especially in relationships.

Tonight’s mansion is the “Bouquet” which is ruled by Venus and Uranus. These two dance together in what I would call a “strange romance” Expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to love and intimacy. Any rigidity now may keep us from flowing into experiences that may be both unprecedented and vitalizing. This makes it especially important to honor the releasing process of anything that does not serve you, you just might find something truly whimsical sweeping into its place.


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