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It’s a rarity to find an individual on this planet who doesn’t have dreams & visions of a brighter future. However for many individuals with great dreams also comes the misconception that they must “pay their dues” or work impossibly hard to ever get a taste of the success they are striving for. When the energy of like a bubble comes to greet us we are invited to surrender into the peaceful knowing that when a dream is meant to become a part of ones reality, though your participation is crucial your force isn’t. Like a bubble invites us to surrender into the knowing that all we must do is allow ourselves to stay transparent and become weightless to watch ourselves rise into fulfillment. We become transparent by learning the power of authenticity and recognizing that to be oneself without worry, without comparison to others is to be divine. We become weightless with a willingness to acknowledge, heal through and release any toxic or burdensome energy that weighs us down or stifles our freedom. Energy that stifles our freedom can come in the form of toxicity within the home, relationships and workplaces that we have outgrown. It can also come in the form of toxicity stored within our own beings so it’s crucial to be open and discerning without bias. By releasing these things we are freed from limitation and the Divine is granted the room to integrate completely with our being, and therefore become the graceful force that with us co creates a life of splendor and wonder. Now is the time to let go and look up towards your destiny, then let it become you.


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