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When I threw on this champagne pink and faux fur look

I found my self instantly shift into a mood that was soft and romantic. I was envisioning scenes standing upon a lantern lit balcony with a massive full moon beaming down upon me, I was then dancing in a candle lit ballroom with lights flickering revealing the essence of a smile on my lover’s face.

Romantic love is a vital component in feeling fulfillment in this lifetime. There really is no way around it as love is the universal language, the one thing that no matter where you go in this world it is understood vividly. No matter how much of a solitary face someone may present, everybody wants to be understood by somebody.

The thing about Romantic partnership is that it springs up at entirely different times for every individual which makes it easy to slip into an energy of insecurity or jealousy if it isn’t your current time for this type of romance and you begin comparing your story with the stories of others. Remember every life, every story is different. It may be that someone is ready for true love in their chapter 6 but for you it isn’t written in until chapter 9. Divine timing is always at hand so trust that anytime something is withheld from your world it is only because you still have lessons to learn before you’re ready for it or you have space to clear so that you may actually have room for what you’re asking for.

If in this moment you find yourself single does that mean you should not be experiencing romantic love? Absolutely not! Being single is even more reason to invite romance into your world. I am a firm believer that by treating yourself as if you are your partner, which means learning your own love language, taking yourself out on dates and adventures, talking to yourself the way you expect to be talked to by your future lover, and offering comfort to yourself even if

you are frustrated with yourself. I pose this question, if we do not first know how to love ourselves how can we ever expect to be fully vulnerable in relationship? Better yet how can we expect to choose partners that actually speak our love language if we ourselves don’t know what it is?

By treating yourself as if you are your true love (which you are!!) you are basically telling the universe, “okay this how I expect to be treated in partnership” and now the universe can serve you what you’ve asked for. We must realize that when we treat ourselves unkindly and do not offer ourselves our love it is no coincidence that we end up attracting partners who treat us the very same way... then the infamous question arises “how come nobody ever loves me the same way I love them?” Because, Sweet Soul, you must love yourself first, wholeheartedly and then your divine counterpart will simply appear. Effortlessly. Until then we will find ourselves repeating the same lessons under the guise of different faces.

I also find that openly discussing with yourself and Spirit what exactly you’re looking for and what type of experiences you’d like to share together brings your future partner towards you even quicker. Be specific so there can be do doubts about the clarity in your heart, but do NOT focus on what you do not want. By being specific with yourself and Spirit about what you’re looking for it also makes it easier to discern through your romantic options. Trust that there will be people who pop up who are not right for you and it is important to not fall into the temptation of being with someone simply because they are there. Every time you use your discernment to pass by someone who is not resonate for you, you are weaving yourself closer and closer to your match. Don’t worry about making the wrong decision. If you don’t feel true soul resonance or a mutual soul language then do not force it to be, you do not have to sign up and learn every lesson that is presented before you nor do you have to settle in love, despite what may be projected by the masses about “asking for too much.”

If in this moment you are in partnership it is so important to stay in a constant state of appreciation both for your partner as well the divine who brought you two together. Romantic love is truly one of the most blessed experiences you can live and breath through, the more you show gratitude for what’s in front of you the more Spirit will provide you will opportunities to experience greater love together.

Do not think for a moment that you’ve gotten to a point in your relationship where your partner should just simply know how you feel about them and their importance in your world. The consistent demonstration of love is what makes relationships lasting. By staying in a place of open expression you continuously breath new life into your love relationship.

It is beyond possible to stay in union with one soul for the majority of your lifetime, but it going to take consistent energy, determination and a willingness to grow and expand together without the constraints of an ego driven mind. True lasting love must be vulnerable and without the cloak of pride.

Today, no matter what the circumstances of your romantic life are in be willing to ask yourself what you can do to bring greater love and experience into your world, and into the world of those whom you love.

last night I dreamt of you again, for a moment I thought perhaps I’d found myself in heaven. When I opened my eyes I was blinded by the light of a new day, I rolled over and there you were. Heaven after all.

Would you like to take a trip into my world? A dip into my visions of love. Just take my hand, I’ll lead you from this broken glass society into rose gold divinity.

I am a woman dripping in soft pink mystery, but I’d like to show you the parts of me only the divine has seen. Soft secrets whispered in your ear, my intentions becoming more and more clear. You just smile, gentle knowing expanding your psyche. It feels so good to be home.

Without removing my clothing, I stand before you completely naked. Vulnerable in the knowing that you are unraveling my fears and hesitations one strand at a time. A pile of doubts are left abandoned on the floor. We both smile as we make our way to the bed knowing full well what’s in store.

I release my need to define reality as you show me new glimpses of fantasy with every breath, every stroke of a strong hand against my soft face. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, all we are is all we are in love.

Let’s build castles in the sky, you and I. The royal blood of ancient divinity flows through our beings, let’s dance in the ballroom of our greatest desires.

Beneath a pink moon my wildest dreams came true. In its reflection I saw myself and knew true love. I blinked and then there was you, true love too.


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