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I felt divinely beautiful in this OM printed shirt.

Before I ever had the chance to wear it myself I loved it as a piece of my lover’s enigmatic wardrobe. I paired it with my handmade mirrored OM belt which to me felt like a dope combination of his masculine and my feminine energy.

It’s not at all surprising that the OM symbol is so universally loved and accepted all across belief systems as it is in its definition the all encompassing vibration of the universe.

You can truly say everything and nothing about the OM and its meaning remains endless, so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.

Since every line and curve on the OM represents a different mode of consciousness, with my artistic expression in today’s Alien Aesthetic I aimed to convey the same.

With Love, Kismet

Supersonic love, not of this dimension. Whether or not you understand her she’ll certainly grab your attention.

I’ve got the universe in my eyes and the yoniverse between my thighs. Baby, do you trust me?

Night terrors in the black of night, a sacred reminder of my own lights inability to be diminished, try as they might.

Lotus woman, though they did not love you when you were deep in the mud you will spread your petals for them all summer long.

Late nights and city lights, Heaven was found tangled in your sheets those nights

Imagine that the weight of your worries were light enough to dance across lily pads, would you let them leap?

Cosmic radiance

I wonder if at night the butterfly and dragonfly dream of one another. Love lies in opposites with a taste of familiarity and a wing flutter like home.

Even in the death of winter a Solar Child’s roots go deeper than the notion of fear


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