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My sensuality is as important to me as my spirituality because in truth, for me, they are one in the same breath. My body is a vehicle for the divine and every time I experience sensual pleasure it is an act of worship and connection to the force of universal love.

While erotic love is a divine way to express sensuality, one of my favorites, there are so many infinite ways to exude your sensual nature. In truth our senses govern the way we feel throughout the entirety of our life. You must feel, touch, taste, envision and hear the sounds of love grace themselves upon you to truly know sensual pleasure.

Allowing yourself to feel the rhythms of your favorite music and letting it move your body in time to its beat, savoring the feel of water as it cascades down your body, freely painting and allowing your imagination to run wild, enjoying delicious fruit and letting its nectar dribble down your chin... these are all divine expressions of sensuality. The ways we can drop into our body and experience pleasure are truly limitless.

Sensuality easily traces its source back to the divine and yet we live in a world that demonizes the expression of our sensuality and sexual nature as sinful behavior. To be at home enough in your human vessel to express your pleasure freely is in truth a grand gesture to the divine of your willingness to merge your soul and spirit with your physical being.

To be able to express your sensual self freely with a beloved is one of the most blessed gifts the universe can hand you and should not be taken lightly. It is freedom, it is bliss, it is the ultimate connection to source energy. Erotic freedom truly only comes hand in hand with divine partnership and we must be willing to discern who we give our essence to, otherwise we find ourselves depleting our sacred sexual energy and pouring it into individuals who take but do not know how to reciprocate. Reciprocity is one of the key ingredients to experience true erotic & emotional fulfillment.

With each Solar Return I discover myself sinking deeper and deeper into my sensual nature at the same time I see the divinity reaching magnificent heights. This simply cannot be by coincidence. I invite you, if you have not already to dive deep into the pools of your sensual realms... you just may be surprised by the majesty that you uncover.

Join me for dinner, tonight we’re having forbidden fruit and elixir straight from the fountain of youth. Lipstick stains upon your neck, sultry smiles and mischievous whispers into your ear... Baby, that’s just the first course.

Dessert is you & I, side by side, lace untied, your sights set on unraveling the mystery behind my tiger eyes.

Let me see your wild side, I wanna see what happens when our fire collides. Baby, I’m in the mood for a slow burn.

Tell me, where do I end & you begin again? When you and I are entwined I can comprehend nothing more. All that exists is an eruption of light, universes born from the breath of a cosmic orgasm.

In the afterglow I forget the existence of all shadow. Heaven speaks to me once more as dawn breaks and your silhouette is framed in love as the blazing sun dances through the window.


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