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A quest for truth led by a taste for occult treasure led me to both the Sea of Tranquility and Ocean of Repressed Experience. In both of these waters I learned to breath in the clarity of transcendent grace.

This Winter has by far been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I took a step away from creating actively to honor my natural rhythms, which in winter urge me to tune in to my being and tune out for a time the rest of the world. With grace and perfect timing the universe has slowly molded my world into an entirely new reality before my eyes. In many ways this Winter I feel I embodied the energy of the Phoenix as I continuously invited Death and rebirth into my orbit. Though I was blessed with opportunities to face the most beloved aspects of myself head on I was also blessed with the opportunity to unearth shadows of the past which led to a more powerful understanding of the cornerstones of my existence in this lifetime. I’ve embodied the energy of the serpentine feminine and shed away old environments, relationships, generational curses and habits like outworn skin. A feminine archetype that I find myself embodying more and more is that of the Scarlet Woman. I am wild, free and overflowing with cosmic sensuality. Truly divine femininity in both its light and darkness has become a fully integrated part of my being in this mythic season. More than any other the word freedom encompasses what my life has bloomed into. A free spirit is someone who has released all of their Karmic debt, with balanced pride and humility I claim this title. As spring approaches I find myself feeling more focused, determined and more of a sacred rebel than ever before. This decade is glimmering with the pearlescent hue of infinite possibility and like a leaf I am ready to be tossed upon the winds of divine splendor. Let’s get it ya’ll. The first Alien Aesthetic of 2020 is dedicated to soul reclamation & freedom.

Into the darkness, into the unknown, staring fear in the face... I’ll travel any road if it means freeing my soul from its gilded cage.

Self Initiator, heroine of the sacred journey, muse for the masses. The ego urges you to doubt while the spirit dances.

To be full of heart means to be full of wonder, to be full of wonder is to be full of infinite possibility.

High Priestess with ancient roots, I continue my search for bottomless truth, all the while divine magnificence comes clearly into view.

Today’s Featured Alien is Natalie on Instagram @nat.chantal. This beauty is breathtaking & carries within her an essence that announces her radiant energy upon entering the room. Natalie is one of the most genuine & thoughtful souls I’ve met since becoming a healer at Kindred Spirits. With these gifts anything she adorns herself in echoes her colorful beauty. In Nat’s own words,”Expression through fashion for me is all about comfortability and embracing the energy that’s surrounding me on a day to day basis. Sometimes I might just want to wear sweatpants and let my vibe do the talking , or I might want to dress up and express both. Some days i embrace my femininity, while other days i let it rest. I think being comfortable in how you choose to present yourself is so important because it brings a rush of confidence and raises your vibration. Everything is constantly shifting so it’s important to let your style do so too. Personally I have a very simple look, and if i wear something colorful its a big deal for me. I try to dress it up with small hints of jewelry that make a personal statement , although my favorite accessories are my tattoos , which I 100% consider in every outfit I choose to wear. Fashion is another form of creative expression I always look forward to exploring!”


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