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Tonight our Lunar Goddess waxes in the sign of Pisces. Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Guru” which is ruled by Neptune and the Moon. With Pisces being the sign that reigns in the realms of fantasy and illusion and the Moon’s natural essence being one of the feminine mysteries and unseen worlds, today we may find that discerning what is fantasy and what is reality is not so cut and dry. This is an energy we are invited to utilize to our greater advantage by not slipping into rigidity about any idea at this time. In fact at this time the energy is supercharged in feminine power to provide us with bursts of inspiration that allow fantasy to become a fluid part of our reality, which in turn allows you to be the weaver of your own future. If you happen to find yourself hitting roadblocks in your endeavors you are invited to step outside of your logical mind when seeking solutions and instead allow your imagination to provide you with an innovative answer. If you are looking to begin new projects whether they be creative, personal or business related now is absolutely the time to use your imagination to envision what steps are needed to give your seed the greatest chance at life possible. One of the greatest pieces of wisdom I have received is that Fantasy brings Destiny to your doorstep. So, today be willing to invest in your future by investing in your creative mind.


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