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Fashion and the art of adorning oneself physically to match the magic one experiences internally has been one of the most empowering aspects of my personal healing journey. Even on the shadowiest of days, once I take the time and energy to adorn my physical body I find my spirit body feeling lighter. To take pride in ones physical appearance is often mislabeled as vanity, but in truth the physical body is in sacred contract with the soul spirit body and our higher consciousness. To honor any of these parts of yourself is to bring honor to the rest.

Personalized aesthetics and color energy bring great life and joy into my world and since it is such a crucial part of my soul’s expression I have made the conscious choice to start sharing my style expression and evolution with you, whomever has been led to journey with me. It is my greatest hope that together we break the molds and become the wildest things we have ever laid our eyes upon.


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