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My soul was led to Kismet after experiencing profound fear and sadness from my past traumatic experiences.

Tapping into Divine infinite wisdom, Kismet compassionately and expertly guided me into a more empowered and

enlightened spiritual and emotional state of being and helped me to remember who I really am so that I could let go of the past and embrace my new reality.

Kismet is a very gifted and unique soul who is a blessing to all who cross her path. Her energy is highly magnetic and you instantly

feel comfortable and at peace in her presence. She exudes love, and is a true messenger from the Spirit world. I’d highly recommend

her for all of your spiritual needs.


-Ms. Florence Edwards

Foster Care Marketing Specialist



The first time i got my reading done by kismet her spirit itself felt safe. Just by the energy she sends out, it’s beautiful. It’s already knowing you came to the right person. As Kismet did my reading, i wanted to cry happy tears. She said things without me saying a single word about my problems. The guidance and wisdom she gives is a message, the type of message that you take with you and you start to take action in life. Her readings are accurate, without a doubt. All she ask is what aspect of your life you want a reading on and from there she does the rest so, divinely. Kismet...definitely i recommend. Her words are so powerful, voice; so angelic, her personality; amazing. I appreciate and acknowledge kismet for being the person she is because without her intelligence..i don’t know where i would be right now.


-Abby C



My experience with my reading with Kismet was awesome! I went to see her because she came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. I was not disappointed.  I went to confirm some of my original thoughts about a few things and her reading was on point! I love her energy and her very easy going vibe! She is a gifted reader and great when you're unsure about something and need a deeper confirmation! I'd highly recommend her for a reading! 


-Suki J



Kismet is amazing and passionate about what she does! I say that because I was blessed enough to attend one of her goddess circles after received a reading from her you can see the love she pours into her work and that is something so beautiful! Yes I know you're probably thinking well?! how did the reading go?! Kismet made me feel so comfortable with just her energy and intentions! Never did I ever feel like she was searching for answers from me she was spot on about everything and that is exactly what you want in a reading and intuitive guide! Kismets has a true gift and I recommend anyone who is open for Kismet holding space for them


*Kismet honestly just blows me away with her gifts! She is a true nurture... I come to her when I need clarity and she always delivers! This Goddess is so powerful, gifted, and yet so humble! Did I mention this session took place over the phone. My session made me feel at ease because she set the vibe.. positive and loving Thank you my love for being a Goddess of service!


-Darian V




Getting read by kismet was one of my most enlightening experiences thus far. Her vibe made me feel extremely comfortable, which allowed me to be more open. She went into depth on every card she pulled and gladly accepted every thought or question I had. She is a kind soul and a kind person. Her energy created a space that was safe to feel and expand. I will carry her words with me on my journey always!


-Natalie C




My experience with Kismet truly changed my perspective about tarot. A very dear friend of mine gifted the reading to me for my birthday. Honestly, I’ve always been curious as to what it would be like to ‘have my cards read’, but never driven to do it.

I was skeptical and expected a lot of general encompassing words that could apply to the masses. There is no denying that Kismet is a powerful reader. She is very mindful of the client’s needs. A lot of personal struggles came up to the surface that made it super uncomfortable at first, but Kismet helped me embrace my emotions. I won’t go into too many details regarding the specifics of my reading, but let’s just say, I left Kismet feeling very empowered. I felt surer about decisions I had recently made with career paths.

She offered a few different decks and allowed for the cards to speak through her. I really liked hearing her speak freely about spirituality and self-care. She even provided personal examples to better prove the point that every life is beautiful in its own different way. I learned that meditation can mean many things, depending on who you are and what quiets your insides.

I would highly recommend going to see her. If I didn’t live so far, I would try to at least do monthly readings. I am grateful that after my reading, she offered to keep in touch through social media. Kismet’s stories on Instagram offer daily insight for us all. I have even reposted some of her sayings. She inspires me, as a woman of color, to follow your passion.


 -Kim P




My experience having a reading with Kismet was so cool! The energy changed right as soon as she started the reading! It resonated with me so well and got some things confirmed about myself, it was magical! Kismet is really gifted!


-Jessica R




Kismet has been such a positive influence and such an amazing uplifting person. I not only go to her for a reading , it’s more like soul therapy and she’s genuine. You can feel the honesty and genuineness that comes from her. On top of it her readings are spot on. She’s my favorite! A very gifted individual.


-Romie V




Kismet is phenomenal,

I go to her for general readings, never tell her what’s up just ask her to lay out the cards. Her insightfulness is spot on, and the cards always rub me the right way.

The readings she does are very clear and easy to understand. They will clear the air for you.

I walk out of her readings with plans of actions that have actually helped me get closer to my higher self.

If you want a dose of that cosmic magick, get read by Kismet.


-Erick G




Kismet is a true spiritual guide. She often makes me think “okay you’ve been an alchemist/ witch/ healer/gypsy in every life”.  I think our souls decided meet because I was looking for more magic and self

love; and she was put in my path to empower, teach, and support me on the journey to my true identity.

We are always evolving, challenged, and blessed by spirit. Kismet taught me how to accept everything with love, discernment, and gratitude. She reminds me to “allow”; she has shown me parts of myself that I can forgive and release.

Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today, that’s FOR SURE. My appreciation and gratitude go out to you Kismet! I am so honored to know you, be part of YOUR journey, and I know everyone you encounter will be forever changed for the highest good! 


-Lauren B

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