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Rather than allowing your identity to be defined by family, peers or society the energy of Self Created reminds us of the deep and divine power that comes with allowing oneself to be whatever it is we choose to be, without restraint. Though many are blessed with supportive family and peers, this is not the case for us all and trying to assimilate to the expectancies and values of individuals who don’t truly see your soul can be detrimental to your self worth and perception of love. The divine wants you to be your realist and most authentic self at all costs. From this place of transparent grace connecting to your dreams and manifestations becomes fluid. Life becomes defined by love rather than the pressure to conform.

The more authentic and committed you become to yourself you become a magnet for like minded individuals and experiences, but it also becomes increasingly obvious which individuals and environments don’t resonate with your soul’s frequency. Rather than trying to force connections with individuals who don’t see you the divine offers you a safe space of freedom and connection within their arms. Yes, this even applies to family. Blood does not necessarily equate to love. I believe deeply that family should be defined by soul connection and expression of love rather than genetic ties. Unconditional love also means having the strength to discern where your love is not being honored. Choose love wherever it chooses you.

Today, I invite you to recognize the power reflected in the mirror. Observe the individual before and how you have made it this far in life even in the face of uncertainty and adversity. Celebrate them without restraint for the strength it takes to remain true and vessel of love. Now, just imagine how much further you can propel yourself to your dreams when you decide to support your authenticity, your happiness and journey of self discovery above all else. You just may find yourself soaring towards the stars.


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