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I have a deep soul resonance with Ancient Egypt and I know without question I have spent some of my most far away lives upon the sand of this Afrikaan treasure.

I created my jeweled Ankh necklace as a statement of true divinity and power. In Ancient Egypt only divinity and royalty could be depicted carrying an Ankh and in truth I see myself in the light of both. Seeing myself as divine and as royalty allows me to hold myself to such an esteem that my decisions are consciously made in my personal integrity rather than by outside interference. A true Queen knows how to rely on her own internal wisdom. I find so much inspiration and insight from Egyptian mythology, the deeper I go into its roots the deeper I go into myself and the more I uncover about my ancient ancestral lines. I am a firm

believer that in order to go forwards we must also go backwards. Uncovering Ancient Egypt allows me to dive straight into my roots. It allows me to trace my divinity back to one of its sources of power.

With this edition of Alien Aesthetic it is my goal to honor a part of history and a part of the world that is closely tied to my spirit. I hope you enjoy and perhaps find that the images ignite you to dive deeper into your roots as well. Perhaps we will discover that our roots wind themselves around one another.

I’ve got cosmic roots that touch the Earth’s core, Ancient Truth’s in hand ready to unlock Heaven’s door.

An ancient soul with a young rebellious heart, you call it chaos I call it the culmination of divine vision.

Justice is found in the place where the mind and heart are bound.

Infinite manifestations of wild Divine Feminine, limitless power is yours if only you let them in.

Doorways to the infinite, Ive traveled lifetimes just to show the world which holes the celestial keys fit in.

Isis, radiant Sun goddess, your power warms my blood and scorches my doubts. Your passion ignites my own as your blazing heat removes all obstacles at my feet.

The Ancient Egyptians once worshiped the feline. I guess you can say that Pussy has been power since the beginning of time.

Where do we draw the line between all that is and all that was lost in time?

The Divine eye is all seeing, whether or not you decide its power is worth believing.

Take me to a distant world where living gods roamed the Earth and brought with them the power to bring monuments to life straight from the dirt.

Today’s Featured Alien is Jeye! On Instagram as @thechronicbellydancer. Jeye is strength personified. I encourage you all to follow her journey of strength, recovery, beauty and artistry on Instagram. Jeye is a powerful, mystical being with more divine gifts than I can count. To name a few she is a stellar belly dancer & instructor, writer and light worker. She also happens to be a soul sister which I am truly grateful for. In Jeye’s own words, “ Style has always been an expression of my art or divinity... Or perceived lack there of depending on what cycle of energy you caught me in. I have gone through so mamy phases of style... Until I realized that I am divine vessel of the Divine Feminine consciousness. That totally changed the game for me. I dress now to honor my inner child, my higher self and my spiritual artistry. Expression is one of the things we are blessed with forever! I believe in using it as a tool to bring up the good frequencies”


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