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A mythic soul, a heart of the bold an ocean of stories waiting to be told

A few days ago while browsing at the Goodwill I stumbled across the movie Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan. I’d heard the title a few times in the past but never took the time to watch it, on this occasion I was drawn in to the holographic cover and the tag line about it being a classic fairytale for a modern generation. Fantasy is my favorite genre and lately I’ve been wanting to visit every avenue possible so I brought the movie home.

The film hit me with a wave of inspiration that I’ve been riding since. I found myself blown away while watching the originality in M. Night’s story and the way he modernized a classic myth in an inspiringly unique way. The film truly spoke to me on many levels from the way divine feminine energy was portrayed to the way he connected fantasy, spirituality and mythic storytelling.

It is a movie that I can say became an instant favorite to me. Truly it left me breathless with some of the divine messages that the story held. So, today when I wore my blue shark printed blouse I was reminded of the Siren like beauties of Lady in the Water. It also reminded me of a song by one of my favorite artists, Wildflowers by Made in Heights. There’s a lyric that goes “If you see me in the vetiver, wildflowers in my hair

Never thinking like the regular so you better be prepared,

If you see me in the ocean floating underneath the stars

Well don't make any commotion cause I'm swimming with the sharks”

Even in those lyrics I can see a link to the film Lady the Water, as the leading feminine is on a dedicated mission to offer a gift of love to humanity even whilst being surrounded by predators. So, with all this inspiration I’ve been feeling today’s Alien Aesthetic naturally became a dedication to the film and the powerful messages that were uncovered within.

Beneath the current you’ll find yourself above influence
Truth found deep, revelations through dreams and flowing streams of connectivity
Spirals of Manifestation, A breathtaking transformation
Oceanic feelings, destroyer of ceilings
Soul connection, Divine inception
The universe whispers in thunder, truth strikes like lightening


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