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This dress was given to me by my Beloved during our stay in New York together. I love the dress so much that it became a piece that I found myself not wanting to wear because of how beautiful it was, I kept telling myself that it needed to be saved for a special occasion.

This morning I found myself reunited with the truth that every day is special and an occasion worth celebrating if you decide it should be so.

So, I put on my red silken Kimono and instantly found myself feeling the vibrant confidence that the color exudes.

The dragons embroidered into the material made me feel even more powerful as I made my way through the day. I found myself thinking of the fiery power of the dragon as well as the magic found in other fire beings such as the Phoenix and Fire Salamander.

Since the Kimono is a truly beautiful part of Chinese culture I also wanted to be especially conscious in my Alien Aesthetic today, making sure that the lines were not blurred between appreciation and Appropriation.

However, inside the dress is an entirely different print than what is seen externally. Dragons & peacock are both printed upon rainbow fabric. For me the rainbow is symbolically linked to the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors, which is essentially about unity being found between all races and all creeds.

So, while honoring the beauty of the Chinese Dragon I decided to also incorporate my love of fantasy by making tribute to the other fire beings I mentioned above. Today’s Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to internal fire. Let it burn freely.


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