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The bellbottom pants I wore in this look were created by one of my favorite visionary artists Android Jones. I am inspired beyond measure by Android’s ability to take portraits, objects and landscapes and turn them into visuals that are completely mind bending. His connection to the divine and exploration into his own soul is evident by his creations. It is my personal view that as an artist dives deeper into their own soul is when the essence of their true artistry is uncovered, and then readied to be shared with the world. I had the pleasure of experiencing Android’s Samskara exhibit a couple months ago and was completely blown away visually and spiritually as well. In each dome of the exhibit I was totally carried away into another world. As an artist I think that it is truly a gift to be able to create something that can carry an individual away to another place entirely and make them forget themselves for a while. I could see quite clearly that Android’s world was filled with divine inspiration and profound thought. Even the captions of his pieces were their own art with the way he explored spirituality and hidden truths in plain sight. So in this edition of Alien Aesthetic I decided to share some of Android Jones' out of this world artwork. I honestly found it so hard to choose as he has created so many powerful pieces over many years. I decided not to caption these photos as I think they all speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy his divine creativity as much as I do.

Today’s Featured Alien is Kelso! On Instagram as @truthfaery. First I would like to say Happy Solar return to this beauty. May this next year be full of tremendous blossoming and prosperity for you.

My first time meeting Kelso my impression of her was that she was a wild desert rose, a beauty truly comfortable in her wildness. I have seen her create spaces that have given people the opportunity to unwind and ignite as their true selves. You can see instantly upon meeting her that she has a heart that wishes to offer love, light and freedom to others on a truly big scale.


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