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Dragon hearted woman blazing her way through all adversity with the grace of divinity

When I put this look together I knew instantly that I was a Warrior Queen. I have long felt like my jewelry is a source of protection but with this look in particular my adornments looked and felt as if they truly were armor. As I walked around I even felt myself feeling taller and more powerful in my presence. To be a woman, especially a woman of color it truly does require a remarkable amount of strength. Though vulnerability is key in our personal relationships it is a simple truth that a Feminine must be able to be a protector for herself in this modern world. Never before now have I felt so completely confident in my ability to protect and honor myself with integrity. No matter what challenge or adversary comes my way I know in the depth of my heart I can conquer all. Through my connection to self and recognition of my union with the divine I feel my awareness and the potency of my light grow each day. Today, I definitely let my imagination run free. I asked myself if I truly was a Warrior Queen who would fight at my side. The answer can be found in the photo sequence below. Today’s Alien Aesthetic is dedicated to being a warrior woman and the graceful power that comes with it.

Lunar rebellion giving life to all things feminine

Bear Queen with the ferocity & nurturing heart of a Grizzly

All secrets are revealed within the eyes, watch me unveil even the most clever disguise

Fire woman with a wolf heart, born to give real lovers a cosmic fresh start

Veils of our known realities fall around us and burn like Supernovas who’ve reached the end of their journey

Ancient divinity behind me at all times, it matters not if you know of my existence because they celebrate my every breath.

If love is a battlefield it must be stained with the blood of every broken heart mended together again by the breath of true love's first whisper

Though the beauty of a rose is striking, it’s the thorns that leave a lasting mark

Electric eyes see straight through every lesson towards a blessing in disguise

Today’s Featured Alien is Lyla on Instagram as @Lyla.Jae. Lyla has one of the brightest and mightiest Spirits I have ever encountered. She is a beacon of light and radiating love. Though she has a youthful heart it is beyond clear the ancient power her soul holds. Lyla is a true leader of her spiritual community and dedicatedly organizes events to bring people together in love. It is clear she has given herself in union with the universal heart, every individual who crosses her path I truly feel walks away with more light and divine insight. In Lyla’s own words, “We have an opportunity to tell a story simply by what we chose to put on our bodies. What a blessing that is, to be able to clearly make a statement to all who chose to receive, with out any words.

My statement is love yourself and feel free in your body. I’m fluid and don’t have any particular style but cute and comfy is my self proclaimed style 🧡. I feel good in my body , therefore I look good in my body. I’m comfortable in my body therefore I look comfortable in my body.”

Cosmic radiance born of deep sea serenity

Technicolor whirls of truth emanating from a vessel of love in full bloom

The Angelic Realms smile upon one of their gifts to the Earth

Within this human form is a formless expanse of cosmic love


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