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While exploring Manhattan I found this metallic peacock necklace and fell instantly in love with it as a new talisman from the divine. Pairing it with this technicolor tasseled kimono and black tasseled

skirt truly made me feel like I was embodying this mystical creature as I strutted around town.

The peacock is symbolic of authentic beauty, bold presence and the unwillingness to make oneself small for the comfort of others. The bold energy of the peacock has long been a source of inspiration for me but lately especially.

First I find it incredibly beautiful the way each of the peacock’s plumed feathers are different from one another. Even though no two feathers are alike, together they create a vibrant and seamless vision. This reminds me that the goal is never to be perfect, it is simply to be bold and authentic and that is what makes one radiant. Secondly I find the magnificent span of the peacocks feathers a very special reminder that it is okay for me to be unequivocally vibrant, it is okay for me to take up a lot of space and it is okay for me to wear my beauty with pride, all unapologetically. The Peacock simply remains beautiful without a thought of how it is perceived and this is truly the level of confidence I want to embody as well as guide others towards. I also absolutely adore the way the peacock feather resembles the Nazar 🧿

To me this is symbolic of the fact if you allow your authentic beauty to shine that you can trust with certainty that the divine is watching your back against ill wishes, jealousy, and psychic attacks. Without question the Peacock is one of the most special and symbolic creatures in our animal kingdom. Each time I connect with this blessed bird I am reminded of my own specialness and that is part of my divine purpose to wear my specialness with pride as a reflection and compass to others of their own unique attributes.


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