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When I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to spend the day in comfort so this black sweater dress immediately jumped out of my wardrobe. Black has the transformative power to allow you to embody so many different moods which is one of the many reasons I love it. With this look I felt like it was one that allowed me to blend in more so than my usual outfits which generally have some pop of color.

Shadow work has been a recurring theme in almost every life I encounter this year. 2020 is a year that heralds many significant life changes for many of us so naturally the divine is asking us to shine light in dark places. In this edition of Alien Aesthetic I was inspired to touch on one particular aspect of shadow work, which in its own way can be the most challenging.

It is only natural to want to share our excitements, manifestations and achievements with the world as we feel ourselves stepping further into their luminous presence. However, it is important to know that sometimes our more sacred visions need the safety of darkness to fully mature to their greatest potential. Think of a seedling that needs time to grow beneath the soil before it can sustain itself against the blazing light of the sun.

We need the warmth and darkness of the soil for a variety of different reasons, each case is different. For example you may be a visionary thinker who needs time to continue strengthening their views because the world currently is not ready to receive them and when the world becomes ready you shall have to stand behind them with might. Not every individual will be able to hold space and support for you and your ideas which is another reason we must allow ourselves to strengthen in darkness, so that even in the face of adversity we have the stamina continue to reach for the sun. If we revealed our visions in these unsupportive environments without at least strengthening them first our ideas become vulnerable to damage and our self esteem along with it.

It becomes essential to discern carefully where you share your innermost visions and ideas if you want to see them bloom to fruition. Listen & look closely at the energy + environments that surround you. Do you feel genuine love there? Or do you perhaps hear the truth of jealousy or dislike hidden beneath the guise of a “oh... that’s... cool.” Your body can tell you whether someone is being authentic or pretending to offer support. Tune in.

If you find yourself sensing you are a gifted Individual, born to make an impact but also in the midst of darkness know that this is preparation for your emergence. Spirit will only ever hold us back so that we may grow, or so the world around us may grow. In either case embrace the darkness as a safe place to deepen your connection to your truth, your love, your creativity and all that you wish to be in this life.

As above, so below. A planted seed born to grow, A rhythmic soul born to flow.

Slowly I emerge from my cocoon, just a sliver of the girl you once knew.

Emergence is no race for the ego, I take it nice and slow, my higher self in control.

A visionary woman with a mind bending concept of reality. One step at a time she’ll introduce you to her world of luminous divinity.

Whether or not you ever know my name the outcome is the same, hand in hand with the divine I watch myself fulfill my purpose in real time.

Even on my darkest days the light touches my core bathing me in one truth, the sun must always rise again and with it my shadows will dance.

There’s no beginning and no end to this game of life. You call it death I call it transference of light.

Whether I’m blending in or standing out the divine whispers straight into my ear “darling, you’ve figured it out.”

I’ve lost track of the time, I’ve lost track of the rhyme. The only thing I know for sure is you won’t catch me standing in line hoping for scraps of the 1%’s pennies and dimes. I’m here to shift the balance. I’m here to bang my feet upon the Earth and make the heavens roar with thunder. I’ll make it rain in love. Baby, you better fill your cup.


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