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In a sea of Cherry Blossom trees I swam through the wind and danced with petals beneath my feet. I heard a whisper of love and much to my surprise your path and mine were destined to meet

This Vintage periwinkle dress from India was a blessed gift from a beautiful friend of mine. The moment I put it on I felt one moment I was Faerie Queen and the next I was Aphrodite rising from the sea foam. I Became a galactic goddess with supersonic power radiating from my fingertips, a water nymph twirling in the sunlight...

For as long as I can remember I have held a deep love for fantasy. The world itself truly encompasses so much and I find myself unable to choose which realm of fantasy that I truly love the most. I love the thought of dancing freely through the faerie realms, weaving magick in enchanted forests and making love beneath a massive psychedelic moon. I love the idea of diving beneath the ocean’s surface and transforming into a siren of the deep.

I allow myself to view myself through the

lenses of fantasy viewing myself as, Faerie, Goddess, Mermaid, Wolf, Enchantress and so much more which in truth brings a very tangible sense of magic into my reality.

This life is not meant to be lived with limitations and I find that the more I allow myself to embody my fantasies the more I rise in confidence and personal power which in turn gives me an incomparable sense of authenticity and freedom.

I am a firm believer that it is very important to adorn your physical body to reflect the magick you feel internally. The more I grow into myself the more I find my wardrobe is as vivid as my imagination. I find myself becoming wilder and more daring with what I wear all the time.

I am also a firm believer that there are so many worlds hidden within this world, more than we

could ever possibly perceive with a skeptical heart. In truth It takes a imagination to unravel the ever flowing and changing mysteries around us. Magick unfolds around us everyday and in my personal world adorning myself to look the part makes me feel a part of the most beautiful fantasy story every written.

The Dryads invite you into the Enchanted Forest. Prepare for thrills, just remember that in their world time stands still. When you return home reality won’t be quite where you left it.

There is a Water Goddess who lives on the moon. When it is at its fullest and brightest she dances down, touches ground then runs with lunacy into the ocean for there is nowhere to swim in the Sea of Tranquility

The Divine Feminine shares spirit with all that is magick, all that is pure in its essence. Whether two legged or four legged, winged or with a serpent’s tail the Goddess lives within.

Let’s make a home together in a realm entirely our own. We’ll make love beneath a blazing purple sun and race beneath the golden moonlight. Stardust will kiss our flesh just for a taste of our magick


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