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I can’t place exactly what it was, but something about this ensemble took me away to a world of vintage circus performers and abandoned carnival scenes. Part of me was drawn to the beauty of imagining being the glittering main attraction of a small traveling circus, living the life of a small town superstar. Another part of me was drawn to the aftermath of the circus and carnival world, where tents and rides were left abandoned in pursuit of a more stable and commercial way of living. I feel you’d almost be able to hear the echoes of happiness and lost laughter as you traversed through the abandoned sight. Both the life and the death of the Circus world hold beauty to me.

I have long held a fascination with living on the cusp of society with like minded individuals & creating a world of total freedom of exploration. I often find the bonds of this society quite restricting so I find no surprise in the notion that once upon a time many fled to “run away and join the circus.” Freedom is a truly illusive thing that many of us only believe that we have experienced. I dream of a life that embodies true freedom, where I answers to no force, save myself and the divine.

I think the performance aspect of circus life is truly something beautiful as well, though I totally disagree with the brutality and mistreatment that was often displayed against both human and animal performers.

My circus would be an oasis for all those found it. My tribe and I would create beauteous performances straight from our heart and perform simply because it was a source of joy. The only animals that you would see would be members of our family or those that we found along our travels and were nursing back to health.

Overall, my favorite thing about this look is the way it reminded me that the imagination truly is a gateway to another world. It is so important to allow yourself to be carried away to other times, realms and dimensions in your own mind, you never know what sources of inspiration you may bring back with you. Who knows you may even return with seeds to plant for your next big creative venture.

Welcome to Kismet’s circus where destiny is neither bought nor sold, but sure to unfold.

Let’s go for a ride across time. Imagine what we’ll find if we let go of our inhibitions and let our inner children lead the expedition. Laughter abounds as our worries are left forgotten for another lifetime.

When the curtains close, we’ll roam home to our kingdom in the green made up of hope and unleashed dreams.

Our life may be in a world of shadow but for us it is brimming with life, for us the unimaginable creates magick before our eyes. Let’s retreat into a place only we know, where when the lights flicker we still know there’s grace in the wild unknown.

They say only wicked ones long for escape, but in truth it’s the divine who long to create new ways. New paths to travel, new destinies to unfold, for the rise of the rebel angel has long been foretold.


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