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When I got dressed this morning I knew I was feeling wild. Whenever I find myself drawn to Cheetah or Leopard prints it fortells a day that I’m feeling especially confident in my wild nature and embracing the Anima is within. To me animal prints will forever be a statement that oozes sensuality and feminine prowess. Without question the one thing that makes me feel both powerful and sexy, no matter what my outfit is, is to be dripping in chains. Even in my adolescence I loved to be adorned in silver chains, particularly waist chains. Now in the womanhood this taste has escalated to the point I love to be layered from neck to waist in chains. Body chains are my absolute favorite adornment to create, closely followed by chain belts. This edition of Alien Aesthetic is in homage to two things that make me feel wildly sexy, the markings of a cheetah and the silver droplets you can almost always find me in. I have to say this photo sequence is one of my favorites I’ve created thus far. To create life with the images even though they weren’t related to one other in any way was a beautiful experience within my imagination. I’m leaving these photos without captions as I hope their strange beauty captions themselves.

Today’s featured alien is Alex, on Instagram as @meowlexx_. I had the pleasure of first encountering this beauty on the dance floor & since have had a distant seat to watch her evolve deeper into her self, love, expression and spirituality. Alex has an undeniable beauty that radiates from within and makes even the shortest encounter with her uplifting and energizing. Alex is a hairstylist who delivers a dose of love straight into your scalp. Her Instagram which features lots of her beautiful work is @alexandrajbeauty_. I’d describe Alex’s style as an eclectic mix of feminine color with luminous undertones. In her own words,”“One of my absolute favorite things to do is dress up! Ever since I was little I wanted to cover myself in glitter and tutus and do fun stuff with my hair. As an adult I love to get dressed up and express myself through different fashions. I don’t have a particular style it’s just whatever my mood is that day. I love showing the world who I am by being authentically me!”

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