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Cleansing the auric field is one of the most important practices in maintaining a high vibration, which is linked directly to a healthy state of mind. What I mean exactly by cleansing the auric field is taking action to clear away any energetic debris or residue that can impact the quality in which we live. These energetic debris are created by a number of things, some of which are a routine part of our lives. Spending too much time on our mobile devices or staying overlong in the company of others are very common ways that our energy field can become impacted and in need of a cleanse. Sometimes the energetic residue lingering in our auric field stems from places that are less passive. Psychic attack, or telepathic draining can majorly impact us whether it is done intentionally or not. This occurs when somebody fixates on another individual so much that the other party’s vibration is gradually lowered until they inevitably experience mood swings, insecurity or depression. Many times an individual would never guess that their energy is depleting another as fixation is not usually done intentionally, but even so it is important to protect ourselves from these instances by cleansing thoroughly & often.

There are countless ways to cleanse the auric field, many of which come from ancient times. The most common cleansing practice is smudging or smoke cleansing. There is much debate about whether the use of White Sage is an appropriation of Native American culture. My perspective is this, the ancestors of this land foresaw through multiple prophecies that a time would come where the secrets of the people must be shared with the rest of the world, the reason for this is the saving of our Mother Earth. Our ancestors prophesied a time where people of all colors and creeds would turn to the medicine of the Earth and rebuild in unity. It is a magnificent gift to be able to work with medicines that are sacred to many people, so they must be offered reverence & respect but never ownership. Many other herbs are used traditionally to cleanse as well. My personal favorite is Yerba Santa. Like Sage it cleanses a space of all energetic debris but its unique quality is that it lifts and heals the vibration of the space that was just cleansed. Burning herbs may not be for everyone an alternative that provides just as much power is incense burning. Smoke is a powerful clearing agent especially with intention behind it. Even so, smoke cleansing may not be for everyone. My favorite alternative to methods involving smoke are methods involving water. A hot shower can be turned into a cleansing waterfall. A hot bath can become a salt water soak that nourishes you body and mind. A few moments under the rain can become a cleanse straight from your creator. Even washing your hands can become a moment of regaining clarity. It is intention that gives every method of cleansing its power.

So how can you tell when it is time for a cleanse? Here are some signals to be on the lookout for

•unshakable irritability, this often comes with a sense that you don’t know what’s wrong yet everything still feels like something is off.

•sudden waves of tiredness & still feeling drained even after eating, drinking water or relaxing.

•disconnected thoughts, feeling like your thoughts are running in circles/ an inability to focus, also may appear as depressing thoughts that don’t match your frequency.

•lack of motivation, suddenly feeling like everything you wanted to put energy into no longer matters, nothing feels worth the effort.

•isolation, feeling like the only way you can feel better is if you are locked away from everything/ everyone else

•overeating, often we will binge eat to compensate for something draining us, a key signal will be knowing you are not hungry but still wanting to devour whatever is there.

•emotional overflow, feeling highly sensitive or angry, quick to cry or outburst with no perceivable reason generally means it’s time to cleanse


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