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Crafting Herbal Tea With Intention

There is so much that can be said about the wonders of working with herbs. The beauty is that every individual’s relationship with herbs will be entirely different even when using mirroring practices. This is because herbs are a living part of creation just like we are, every plant will carry its own essence and attune differently to our unique energies. My love for herbal remedies began with tinctures and essential oils, this love became a sacred part of my routine when I began working with dried herbs. In particular making my own tea blends has become ceremonial for me and a key part of bringing balance into my day. It has invigorated my spirit so much I wanted to write about it.

First it is important to discover what herbs resonate the most with your body’s unique chemistry. Herbs like Rose, Lavender or Chamomile are a good place to start as they will soften the overall flavor of the tea while adding their own unique healing components. Rose is deeply protective and sensuous while Lavender and Chamomile are both great for soothing restless energy and helping inducing a state of calm. All three make great additions to dream pillows, stuffed pockets of material filled with herbs and talismans to aide in dream exploration.

It’s exploring beyond these and discovering which herbs call directly to you that can really enrich your body and soul. Being willing to experiment and try herbs based on intuition has led me to deeply healing places. Discovering what calls to you is as simple as finding an herb or spiritual shop and allowing yourself to browse slowly with the intention of being found. Doing this led me to Elderflower and Elderberry which have become staples in my growing apothecary. Each is deeply protective against psychic attack and aides with auric cleansing. I find them deeply helpful in keeping unwanted energies from lingering in my auric field. Elderflower is light with a woodsy floral flavor while Elderberry is tart and will color your tea in its red hue. Of the herbs I have discovered the two that I find my body craving the most are Jasmine Flower and Damiana. I’ve always had a fondness for jasmine tea but working with the flower itself makes me feel a sense of romance with my tea. The fragrance of the tiny, soft white flowers is my favorite to bathe in while I’m preparing my mixtures. In addition to it adding a sweet floral flavor to tea it is great for softening the boundaries of the heart to allow opening up to oneself. I feel like I could go on and on about Damiana. Its naturally energizing and for me helps me stay focused in draining environments. It’s one of the few quick remedies I’ve found to headaches, even ones related to the energy of others. You can even smoke Damiana. When you do it makes the colors you see around you more pronounced and the music you’re listening to even more vibrant in sound.

One of the greatest parts of forming a relationship with herbs is that an apothecary can be built from the ground up on a budget and you don’t need a lot of space. I’ve been living nomadically for some time and have been able to carry between 12 and 15 jars at a time comfortably in my herb bag. So, if you find yourself with limited space or availability to spend a relationship with herbs can still flourish. It is important to know the value of the herbs you are buying without overpaying. Of course it feels best to purchase herbs from a shop that makes you feel good upon entering but if they feel out of your price range keep searching and you will find something that feels reasonable. If all else fails there are companies like StarWest Botanicals or where you can order online and save.

For some time my relationship with tea was limited to making me feel energized and more hydrated than ever. Truly tea is the most wonderful way to ensure your body is taking in enough water if you are like me and crave the experience of flavor when drinking. The bonus is that what is bringing flavor to the tea is also heightening your health and auric field. Without sweetener the herbal taste is invigorating and with a touch of Agave it becomes a sweet comfort when needed.

It was as I started bringing Ceremony into my Tea that I began to feel things shifting internally and externally. By chance I found a beautiful goblet at the Goodwill that I felt was begging for tea. When it came time to use it I felt in my spirit it would be much more beneficial to drop my herbs straight into the bottom rather than using my infuser. Ever since this ceremony has become sacred to my heart. With each herb I drop into the goblet I offer a special intention based on what I feel my heart needs at the moment. I do the same as I slowly pour the water over the herbs. I allow myself to drop my thoughts and intuitively read the image of leaves floating on the surface. After this I take the visual I received from the tea and stretch my body while I allow the tea to cool down enough to drink. After three cups of tea (the goblet is about half the size of a large tea mug) I turn the cup in my hands and allow myself this time to intuitively read the leaves that remain plastered to the side of the cup. I have found that the visuals I receive while reading my tea leaves are just as powerful as the ones I receive while using other forms of divination, and so I have quickly fallen in love with the craft. I recommend this to anybody looking to bring their body and spirit into closer harmony. I feel I am vitalizing my body while at the same time opening up the window to divine connection.


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