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Leaving behind toxic environments can be challenging beyond measure, especially when they are the environments that raised you or held your first perceptions of love. While it is a blessing to be born into a family full of love and light, there are those of us who are full of light and born into families full of inexcusable toxicity. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to realize you deserve more love that what is being offered to you, it takes even more to walk away without regret from harmful environments. For anybody who feels like they have never known love in the places that raised them I encourage you to go into the world and seek the family that is meant to become yours. Let your family be based on true love and freedom rather than blood obligations. Let the rivers of true love flow free, no rules no regulation, just connection.


Vampires comes in all shapes and sizes,

sometimes they even have the same big brown eyes,

I’ve seen the devil in her most beautiful disguises,

trading in love for pretty prizes,

I grew wise and flew to wider horizons,

she screams her blood is thicker than water,

but not every she deserves a daughter,

never once did she consider

I dream of rivers, a love as reflective as crystal mirrors.

love is a choice not designated by birth,

sometimes light is born to darkness with an unquenchable thirst,

it takes bravery to rise above and put resonance first,

to choose not to be a victim of another generational curse,

to see past the pretty lies clearly rehearsed,

and become an entirely different creature,

one with glowing truth as her most beautiful feature


Wandering deep into the forest of my unconscious mind,

I shed my skin and leave behind fragmented love,

I choose the warmth of my lovers skin on mine,

I no longer press rewind and torture myself with the concept of time,

in our love is all I hoped to find,

It opened my eyes to every way I was blind,

accepting love in the form of a knife from behind.

Grasping hands wanting to keep me small,

to prevent me from soaring at all,

wondering why I won’t answer or call,

as if they weren’t praying for me to fall,

Karma answers my prayers and keeps me growing tall,

that’s why I won’t look over my shoulder at all


If thoughts are leaves then the trees of my mind have been in winter for quite some time,

shedding away all that isn’t really mine,

planted from seeds already left behind,

leaving the branches of my consciousness room to breath,

the freedom of emptiness is hard to believe,

empty of every lie you wanted me to conceive,

empty of every hateful word that sprouted like disease,

empty of the venom that brought me to my knees,

I am one with the sound of love dancing in the breeze


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