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Leave it to the color black to make you feel strong and sensual on any occasion. Upon seeing my reflection this morning I felt I was looking upon a Goddess, I mean this on multiple levels as Black is the color of the Goddess. Black is also the color of Death. Of all the things we tend to misunderstand and misrepresent as humans, death probably ranks the top of the list. Death is most often seen as something to fear and something to dread. I feel that this is most likely because so many of us are living under the misconception that Death is a finality, a permanent cease to existence. The simple truth is that Death is a transference of light. Life and Death work together in an endless cycle of creation. The existence of Death itself implies Life. To truly understand this we must be willing to look beyond what is presented to us as truth. Just like the phases of the moon life works in a “Life, Death, Life” cycle. We encounter many deaths in our life aside from the most obvious meaning. Breakups, ending friendships, leaving home, changing careers or putting an old issue to rest are all examples of Death. From these moments we must start from scratch, birthing ourselves into our new realities.

Winter is the time of Death, regeneration and renewal. All we must do is look at the way the leaves fall from the trees and feel the chill of the air to know this as true. Winter is preparation for the beauty of spring. Dead leaves must fall so that flowers may later bloom. For anybody reading this today I hope you honor this winter as a time of Death, find the beauty in it and know that all the dead weight you let go of at this time

will be replaced by love in bloom when warmth fills the air again.

Today’s featured Alien is Kris, on Instagram as @blakneptune. The first time I encountered Kris they were browsing at Kindred Spirits. I noted their energy, even without talking I sensed they were a special individual. To my pleasant surprise Kris returned the next day and I was granted the opportunity to work with them through the Tarot. It was immediately confirmed, as I suspected that Kris truly is an incredible unique individual with a divine purpose that I believe is going to leave them with no doubt in their mind how vital they are on this Earth. Kris has an easy going style that looks effortless, but still oozes cool. In Kris’ own words,”I believe style is a manifestation of the energy you have that day. Style is a kind of costume to me as well. Even if it’s grey sweatpants and a Nirvana t-shirt, that’s your costume for the day. There’s power in that. I admire people who wear amazing outfits and beautiful makeup because that’s their energy and it’s beautiful. I also admire those who don’t and take a different route, that’s their energy. Never let anyone tell you that you don’t have style, and never be afraid to try new ones”


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