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Every time I wear this dress I feel like a shimmering mermaid which is why it is one of my absolute favorites. I know I am not alone in my love of mermaids, there is just something about these graceful creatures of the deep that feminine energy is drawn to. Perhaps it is their ability to live and breath in a world entirely their own, entirely untouched by humans. Perhaps it is their easy grace and ability to glide effortlessly through the waves. It could be their freedom to explore depths that our feet restrict us form. In any case Mermaid lore is something that will likely never die out in popularity.

My personal favorite version of these water spirits are the Sirens from Greek mythology. They were creatures of inexplicable beauty that would lure sailors to their demise on the shores of the islands they inhabited. The draw I find from their myth is dangerous beauty. Often feminine’s are written off as the weaker of the two energies and I personally love any instance where feminine energy is flexing its power.

By allowing ourself to step into the feminine realms of fantasy and align ourselves with mermaid energy we are signaling to our soul that we want to explore its depths, we are signaling that we know there is infinite treasure within our beings to be brought to the surface. Do not think it is frivolous to have an active imagination. Fantasy is the space of conception for manifestation. It also provides us with clues to the inner workings of our subconscious. So, today, dive in to the depths of all that you are.

Under the sea is the place where water spirits roam free, bathing in tranquility and free from a world of human hostility.

With a mermaids key I unlock the doors to my destiny. I swim through darkness with the knowledge that I am the light, I make my way to the surface where my dreams take flight.

Today’s Featured Alien is Destiny! Known as @queerfaerydad_ , mushroomfaery_, and mushroomfaeryfoods on Instagram! Destiny is an individual with many layers of expression and this is truly reflected in their sense of style. I have seen them looking completely at home while colorful and also while adorned in black. I personally believe the biggest display of dope fashion sense is the ability to shift your aesthetic as your mood shifts. With Destiny I never know what flavor of expression to expect with them and it’s truly beautiful. Destiny is also an extremely gifted cook. I have had the fortune of receiving many meals at their hands and I have never been disappointed. Every time I’ve been able to feel the love and energy they provided in the meal. Destiny’s magic hands don’t end there, they also create totally groovy jewelry! You can find more info about their creations on any of the Instagrams I mentioned above


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