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The combination of black and white is one of my absolute favorites. It stirs love in me for so many reasons. For starters bringing the two colors together creates an energetic harmony that that truly makes me feel aligned with my higher self since black is representation of feminine energy and white is representation of masculine energy. Whenever I have these two colors on together I am reminded that I am the most powerful when I honor all aspects of who I am, the wild and fierce as well as the soft and vulnerable, even if these aspects are not understood or received by others.

A major allure of this color combination is the beauty of duality. I have long felt a deep pull to parts of life that are considered dark and wicked by mainstream standards as well as to things that are traditionally sacred. Witchcraft and occultism are prime examples of things I find deep beauty in that many have dismissed as darkness. Even in these realms nothing is ever truly just one thing, neither truly light nor dark. Magick itself is not good nor wicked, it is the soul of the practitioner that determines whether what is cast is made of love or wickedness.

For me the color white speaks of angelic energy and the heavenly realms. It speaks of true unconditional love and the flow of energy from the universe directly into the hearts of humanity. Most of my divinatory work is in connection to the angelic realms so for me black and white simply flow as one. I know the great source of universal love sees the beauty in dark places just as it sees the darkness in places perceived solely as light, so I know it is a divinely inspired example I must follow.

It is not about seeking a space of all light or all dark but finding the harmonious place of coexistence in between.

Something I have seen often as individuals are diving deeper into their spiritual nature is a desire to do away completely with the shadows and only stand in light. “Good vibes only and no bad days” are phrases that we have all heard time and time again. The thing is when we choose to ignore the existence of our personal shadows we invalidate the experiences that have in truth given us our light, because without darkness light would have no meaning. When we push our shadows such as insecurities, fears, or trauma away from us they have a tendency to creep up in the most unexpected and detrimental moments.

By looking our shadows in the face not only do we strip them of their hold over us but we also give power to the light that is working so hard to shine through.

This is a grand act of transmutation. The energy that we have been unwittingly been using to run away from our darkness we can now cultivate into pursuing our happiness. Then when we find ourselves standing fully in the arms of happiness there are no lingering clouds to blot out the sun.

The key to unconditional self love is acceptance for all of who you are no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Acceptance of your shadows leads to their transmutation and acceptance of your light leads to a truly empowered lifetime. Whoever finds themselves reading this today I hope you know you are worthy of your total and unconditional love. I hope you offer yourself the hand of love even if all you see around you is shadow. With all my heart I hope today you invite harmony into your world by simply choosing you.

A Rebel Angel’s fall from grace turned out to be written by the hand of the divine, a plot twist in mind. A level unlocked on the path to ascension. She broke barriers and traveled dimensions. Meanwhile, the divine smiled.

Love is the sweetest elixir or deadliest of poisons, all depending upon the colors of your soul. Colors run like a freshly painted canvas or war paint from tear stained eye lashes. You are the artist who wields the brush. Stroke wisely.

Pour your love into me like a glass of desert wine. Linger with sweetness on my tongue. Time winds itself as we unfold ourselves into naked bliss. Tick tock whispers the clock and we sink deeper into la petite mort, cosmic abyss.

Shadows follow with a hushed whisper but their intentions could not be more clear, too dim the lights as a star is born. Too bad for the cloak of night a cosmic ray shall shine determinately bright. So, baby, watch me burn.

Love is pleasure. pleasure is pain. pain is suffering. suffering is the presence of love. duality is the breath of existence. Take it in deep and slow. Hard and fast. I feel a cosmic orgasm coming on.

Love is born again between the thighs of rebellious women. With my wicked ways and wild woman tongue watch me dance soul back into this bleeding Earth. Watch me put love first. Watch as I hypnotize you with a twirl of my skirt.


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