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Whether it is self imposed or projected upon us by another, judgement is the burden that drains us of our ability to recognize our creative individuality. When I say creative individuality I am talking about the gift of free will, which allows us to create a reality entirely unique from our neighbors. With the weight of judgment on our shoulders suddenly we may find ourselves comparing the details of our lives to those around us instead of celebrating their differences.

Judgment catapults us into an energy of self doubt which drains us of our manifesting ability. To let go of judgment is to stand in full acceptance of wherever we are in our journey, without the need to scrutinize it against the paths of others. To let go of judgement is to decide that only we can live out our unique destines and choose to celebrate it in whichever form it takes. To let go of judgement it is especially important to decide that the thoughts & opinions of others do not shift our opinions of ourselves.

As Dita von Teese once said “you can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world and there is still going to be somebody who does not like peaches.” Overcoming judgment is about deciding you are the most delicious fruit in your garden without ever considering how you taste to others. Through this act of letting go we allow ourselves to be seen through the lenses of love, which gives us the confidence and stamina needed to bring our creative visions to life. By eliminated the fog of judgement in our psyche we are free to rise into true soul fulfillment. Finally, we can taste the beauty of life as we live it.


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