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For some reincarnation is a thoroughly debated topic, for others the belief in a ceaseless cycle of life is as natural as breathing itself. I am one of the believers that Death is not an ending but a doorway into the next chapter. I believe that life is an ascension spiral towards divine awaking. To me the idea of only living once & our eternity being based off of that one lifetime is not only unlikely but improbable. To the awakening soul there is a sacred understanding deep within that there is a wealth of memories and experiences from previous lifetimes waiting to be unlocked and utilized in the present life. How is it that we access these gifts and memories? This is where true exploration of the soul begins but before we dive headfirst into the waters there are often clues all around about our souls stories.

For instance if you find yourself inexplicably drawn to certain cultures or lands you’ve never been to this may be your soul signaling where it once felt the most at home. There was a great prophecy given to our ancestors on this land (North America) in which it was stated the ancient ones and wise elders would one day incarnate all over the globe in all races, all creeds to teach and finally unite the earth in love. I find deep resonance with with this vision of the Rainbow Warriors because I feel it is proof in a prophetic way why many awakening souls feel so deeply connected to ideas and values seemingly unconnected to their present life. I feel many old souls carry the ability to sense deeply what they have once valued and loved. Another past life clue comes from the things we are inexplicably good at. Sometimes we try something for the first time only to feel like we have been doing this our whole life, there is a mighty chance that is because we remember in our soul the things we’ve mastered in our previous lifetimes. One of the biggest clues is the sensation of Deja vu which can spread its brief magic over us at any moment without warning. I believe Deja vu stems from the soul recognizing a moment that mirrors a moment we have experienced long ago.

Past life Recall is naturally as skeptical a topic as reincarnation itself. There are many who can believe in reincarnation but find the idea of retrieving memories still too far fetched. Past life recollection is absolutely possible. The benefit of unlocking the doors of the past is that it creates a bridge of understanding to better our futures.

There are many methods to go back in time, but the underlying requirement will always be that we are able to disconnect completely from our ego to reach true understanding, at least for the time we are looking backwards at our past anyways. To look backwards requires a willingness to embody a non biased perspective. It is important that we allow ourselves to witness both our highs and our lows without judgment because what we see has already happened.

So what are a few methods to try?

Lucid Dreaming: create a sacred routine with your sleep schedule, sleep always with the intention of what you wish to dream. Learn your dreaming habits. What keeps you from dreaming? Learn which habits keep you restless and up and night. Talk to your Angels/Guides/Ancestors inside your head as you fall asleep. Ask them to guide you to revelation

Meditation: Routine is sacred. When we do something like meditation with repetition it naturally becomes a clearer and clearer window towards wherever we want to gaze. Always let your intention be what you wish to discover.

Routine does not have to be strict, think of it more so as a creative ritual

Pendulum Channeling:

This is my proffered method, using my pendulum to channel information directly from higher powers. This practice just like Lucid Dreaming and Meditation require much patience. The doors to past lives are not going to come swinging open and reveal everything to you instantaneously. It is a process of growth and discovery in which the Divine shows us what we are ready for when we are ready.

Unlocking the doors to the past is deeply healing because it allows us to witness the evolution of our soul, it allows us to offer love and hope to the areas that have been missed before, it allows us to be courageous where we may have faltered.

One step at a time we can uncover the hidden depths of our soul and use them to carry us forward.


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