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Within everything in life exists duality. Everything has its equal energetic opposite in one form or another. Naturally this dance of opposites exists in humans. Even the most joyous beings must have moments of crashing lows, the most creative beings fear inadequacy and often the most spiritual people have moments where doubt grips them. It would be impossible to live a life completely without our dualities. It’s impossible to be all “love and light” all the time when darkness and light are both halves of what make life whole. Instead of trying to be only light it is much better to seek peace and wholeness. Peace can only come from acceptance of self, which will require us to ride our waves of darkness when they come without shame or regret.

Part of why moments of shadow such as fear, anger or anxiety can feel so overwhelming is

because there is a lack of acceptance. Often we or the world around us have told ourselves that this behavior is unacceptable or impure, so naturally our psyche crashes against us as it seeks acceptance. Reassurance of self is one of the quickest ways to equalize our darkness and bring us back into balance. Reassurance works for several reasons. First, what exists in the mind is not exclusively created by us. Our mind is a sponge and absorbs much of what is in its environment. Sometimes we can be brought to a low place simply because our mind is mimicking an energy we’ve been around. Reassurance allows us to hear what our true voice sounds like which makes eliminating intrusive thoughts easier. Reassurance works wonders in that the more we fill our minds with thoughts of higher vibration the harder it is for intrusive thoughts to find a way in. Often when we feel lost or

alone it is our own comfort we are craving so reassurance can cure our restlessness in surprising ways. We want to be heard, especially by ourselves.

If we find ourselves in a moment of internal anguish that turns volatile or manic, reassurance paired with breathing slowly & deeply is the most effective course to come back to our center. It will of course be challenging to listen to ourselves in that moment, but we must fight to be heard. By fighting for ourselves we remind ourselves who’s side we are on. With practice the storms that plague us are able to pass by with little collateral damage and we appreciate the sun much more as it reappears. I wanted to create this entry as a reminder that even beings with the most powerful highs will most certainly have very low lows and that is so much more than okay, it’s expected. Those lows will make our triumphs that much sweeter and better yet they last in our heart as teaching moments to share with others.


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