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I found this violet dress at the thrift store and although it is intended as a Halloween costume I fell in love with it. This look so makes me feel like I belong

in the magical green realms. My favorite forest beauty would have to be the Dryad. A Dryad is a tree nymph or tree spirit from Greek mythology. Of all mythic beings the Dryads are without a doubt the one with which I feel the most soul resonance. I love mythic feminine beings of all kinds but the Dryad is an easy favorite for me because of their link to trees. Without a doubt trees are one of my truest loves on this planet. Within each tree there is an entirely different energy, an entirely different spirit. For me getting to know a new tree is getting to know a new soul. Trees are a constant reminder of my connection to the Earth. Whenever I find myself floating away trees remind me of my roots. Whenever I feel anxiety trees remind me to breath. When my heart is heavy the wind between the leaves remind me to dance.

Trees are powerful guardians of light. When we bring ourselves to awareness love can easily be felt emanating from their core. All that is required is to slow down and connect. Each time we connect to the Earth our connection to our own self is strengthened for we are reflections of the same great divinity. This is what makes our depletion of the Earth’s precious resources so tragic. As we destroy the mother so do we destroy ourselves. In that same breath the moment we decide to give love back to the Earth we become rejuvenated as well. We are one. One in love, one in essence.

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to lay beneath a Pepper tree before I start my work day. No matter what energy I encounter throughout the day I always feel centered and able to retain my peace because of the time spent in grounded connection.

If you allow yourself for a few minutes out of your day to connect to a tree and its spirit you will soon begin

to noticeably feel it respond to your presence. All you must do is slow down, observe and open you heart to receive the magnificence all around you hidden in plain sight. Hug a tree today and you just might be surprised to feel the soul of the Earth hold you back.

The Divine mother whispers through the wind, dancing through leaves, tumbling down into love at your feet.

Women of the Wood dance with a wildness that moves wolves to howl at their lunacy. Women of the Wood love with a fierceness that sets forest fires in motion, luring you deeper and deeper into devotion.

I fell in love in an instant, with the way nature responds to my call even from a distance.

I am the breath of wind on a summers day, the whisper of rain in a scorched desert, the spirit of love hidden within the trunk of your favorite shady corner. I am divinity.


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