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Over the last few weeks I have had a divinely inspired but still challenging lesson arise to the surface of my awareness. Spirit has been allowing me to see through the eyes of grace that not all those who I offer my love and friendship to have the current capacity to mirror it back to me. Without realizing it I had allowed myself to remain in friendships where the underlying foundation contained low vibrational intentions or simply the inability to stand in reciprocity. Spirit has made it clear to me through my readings that this is in truth a part of my natural ascension to the next cycle of life. Spaces with hidden darkness have suddenly been illuminated so that I release the attachments. This way the space I clear can be filled with harmonious connections and opportunities. This morning I was still feeling a bit heavy with the realization that my circle of friends was shrinking in size and I felt intuitively guided to make sure that I dressed with intention.

These crochet pants and “I’m not sorry” turtle neck jumped out at me from my wardrobe immediately. I feel they are both two pieces that make a bold statement. That statement being “I am who I am, unapologetically.”

I trust in my heart that through all shifts and changes it is part of my soul contract to remain a vessel of authenticity. Whether or not I am well received, understood or liked is not a determining factor in whether or not I should be myself. Staying true to the love in my heart and the creative fire in my belly allows me to manifest a destiny in accordance with the plans of the divine.

Though in some ways my circle is growing smaller I must also acknowledge at the same time my world is expanding in true love, experience and peace. Without a doubt this is not coincidence. As I clear out stagnant energy I am inviting in resonate energy, and with this quality is so much more valuable than quantity.

I decided to make this edition of Alien Aesthetic a sort of personal dedication to myself as a reminder of the divinity and creativity that fuel me in living transparently as myself.

As an adolescent I was depressed to the point I didn’t think survival into adulthood was likely. When I finally found myself and dove into the depths of my soul my life changed so miraculously it is truly indescribable. It is my greatest wish to show souls still wading in those dark places to the light through the power of their own unique expression of divinity within. To do that I must trust myself, I must trust the path and I must trust the divine. & so I must let go of all things that do not serve me, with love.

Today’s Featured Alien is Katie! On Instagram as @katiegetsmoney. My favorite thing to call her is Katiesaurus 1. Because she has a massive love for dinosaurs and 2. Because she is one of the fiercest gals I know. I have had the joy of working with Katie the last few months at Kindred Spirits and she blows me away all the time with what an old soul she is. When I look at her I get a sense of how big and beautiful her destiny is and I truly can’t wait to see what beauty unfolds for her. In Katie’s own words,” My style is a finicky, ever evolving mistress and I am completely at her mercy. Every morning I wake up with out a clue as to what direction sheʼll take me in.

Iʼve always used fashion as a means of expression. I would say I am primarily influenced by the music I grew up with and the past lives i just canʼt seem to let go of. Each outfit I create is a physical manifestation of not only my current feelings but the feelings of days past. I long to showcase my entire souls journey and draw out that bittersweet feeling of nostalgia in my self as well as others. I shape shift through all the personas that I once was, am, and will be. I am free to be an infinite amount of people in one lifetime.”


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