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There were two comments made to me in high school by different individuals that at the time didn’t resonate as complimentary but today I find myself remembering them as two as the most impactful comments on my journey of personal discovery. The first comment was made my sophomore year by my fashion merchandising teacher. After presenting my display piece on the fashion stylings of Marilyn Manson she shook her head and said sourly “you really are very eccentric.” I remember feeling slightly confused and my feelings being hurt. After all Marilyn Manson was awesome, what was it about me that could have made her think I was weird, which was my definition of eccentric at the time. Though I still do not think she meant her comment to be complimentary I now understand the power of eccentricity. To be eccentric means to break barriers, dismantle societal norms and above all it means being your authentic self even past the point of being liked or understood by others. The next comment was made by an acquaintance named Leo. I remember we were at en event for Seniors, he looked me over and said “One thing I can say about you is that you aren’t a conformist.” Even with this comment it didn’t initially ring as complimentary. The insecurities I carried at the time made me feel he was implying my inability to fit in. Now that I have delayered the weight of insecurity I see the plain truth that was in his words. I am simply not someone who will mold themselves to fit in. I remember as a teenager even in my most desperate moments to be understood I never entertained the possibility of changing what I liked or what my style was to be accepted. On a soul level I simply accepted being in the role of authentic outcast even though I didn’t yet understand the magnitude and even though I did truly want to be seen and understood by my peers.

I hold these two comments close to my heart as talismans of the importance of being myself. Being myself has at times isolated me but it has also opened magnificent pathways that would have never been presented had I assimilated myself. In the moments where you feel unseen, misunderstood or invalidated by the people around you it is a promise that if you remain YOU above all everything that your heart is longing for will be drawn to you as if you were a magnetic force.

There will be moments presented in our pathway where our integrity is tested and we must rise to the occasion in defense of all that we hold as dear to our heart. In these moments it would be easier to to bite our tongue, pretend we care a little less, pretend we are a little less passionate and that this thing that has been challenged really isn’t so important to us. However, these are the moments where we must let our authentic voice radiate from our throat, declaring our truth and standing behind the things that are worthwhile to us. By simply being our true selves obstacles and challenges can be cleared in an instant and new opportunities can be manifested.

So today I hope you choose to color your world with everything that makes you feel vibrant, with everything that makes you feel true. The world will feel a lot less chaotic and a lot more like home if love this life your way. When you choose YOU everything that is meant to be simply becomes a part of your reality and everything that you have outgrown will fall away with ease. There becomes to need to question because you simply know authenticity attracts peace, opportunity and prosperity.

Let your freak flag fly (if that’s your thang)

I am a woman mad with passion and burning with creative curiosity. For most I am too much to handle, for the right ones I am the warmth of a blazing fire after a winter chill.

magick is often found in those that you would least likely suspect. Never underestimate a soft spoken or reserved woman for she is simply waiting for the right time to command attention.

see the way the stare and I smile without a care. “What planet is she from?” They ponder. If only they had a breath of wonder it could be theirs to uncover.

I’d say my moods change like the weather but I’m a California girl accustomed to endless summer, my moods are much more vibrant, flowing and directly connected to the source of divinity.

Today’s Featured Alien is Lee!

on Instagram as @Leezzymadcute. In Lee’s own words “My style is inspired by the music, movies, and television I grew up watching and years before my time. I’m able to be a different character everyday,but all those characters are just a piece of me” I find Lee’s style inspiring because of his chameleon like ability to morph into any character or theme that captures his imagination. He creates make up looks that are out of this world and is truly one of the most authentic, individualistic souls I have had the pleasure to know and love. Not only am I blessed to know Lee as one of the best friends I could ask for but Spirit also saw fit to unite us as blood. My heart is full of love for this soul and inspiration from their wicked changeability.


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