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Deep sea sensitivity will be the strength that defines me as I continue to defy gravity

Though purple is one of my favorite colors and one I use the most frequently to express myself it has never been the first to come to mind when trying to decide what color I’m going to change my hair to next. I was surprised though I shouldn’t have been to realize once I finished my hair that it truly felt like a statement of power. It’s very Kismet Electra. When I put on my this glittery black dress this morning I felt it was the perfect eye catching piece to go with my new look. The X-men are the only modern super heroes that I really enjoyed growing up. No surprises that Storm was my favorite. I really enjoyed M. Night Shyamalan’s movies Split and Glass. Both movies are deeply layered in meaning. I resonated with them both touching deeply on the fact that “ordinary” individuals dismissed by society could be extraordinarily larger than life. I found myself feeling so stellar in this electric look I wanted to create a photo sequence of what it would be like if I were to live this life as a being with super powers, and since I don’t know much about the world of superheroes I thought I’d create one of my own... one full of electric feels.

Guardians of the light keep me in plain sight as I break my way through barriers and bring our visions to life

Wild Woman with an animalistic soul, you call it ubsurd, I say it’s what makes me whole.

Through the fire I rose with the lightness of a feather, a butterfly with the cry of the Phoenix

Fortune is in my hands and I offer up my heart and surrender to the universal plan

A spirit that can’t be contained, a wildness that can’t be tamed, one look in these honey fire eyes and life won’t be the same.

Winding my way through Destiny’s gates, I’ve got the keys to fulfillment, meet me at the corner of trust and 888.

Let me show you your future like I’ve been there before

Universal mind in the body of a universal woman, circling your thoughts like the rings of Saturn

1. The sweet spot between my honey brown eyes 2. The Heart Center, epicenter 3. The honey pot between my thighs... Doorways to the infinite


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