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My favorite thing about this silver & grey look was that it made feel fierce and electric like a true wild storm. Often in this modern world when something is called wild it often in reference to something erratic, misbehaved or just over all socially unacceptable. Because of this common misusage of the word

many believe that to be considered wild would be an insult. To be wild is to be free, unchained and utterly without restraint. To be wild means a refusal to conform to the standards that others have set before you, instead choosing to honor the beat of your heart and the wisdom of your own internal compass.

A major source of wild inspiration for me with the wild Divine Feminine archetype Lilith. While there are many different stories and beliefs that circle around Lilith for me she is an embodiment of true feminine strength in that she refused to be subservient to Adam. As a woman fully cognizant of my own power I absolutely reject the idea of becoming subservient to anybody other than the divine itself. Lilith’s willingness to be cast into shadow rather than be forced to lie on her back while Adam had his way is for me a reminder that authenticity to ones own truth must come above all else. Serpents are a powerful totem associated with Divine Feminine energy and are particular to Lilith and Medusa, another individual who’s story is blotted out to fit a more male positive storyline. Snakes are sensual, fluid and ever changing as a living metaphor for the cycles of life, death and rebirth with the way they shed their outworn skins. Whenever I am working with snake energy I feel my most untouchable, my most breathlessly beautiful with my rhythms. Snakes too are animals considered to be from a source of darkness, for me it begs the question why in this masculine driven world the things associated with feminine power (snakes, witchcraft, the color black, divination, etc) are considered evil. Though I think the answer lies in demonizing the very thing one knows could bring their position of power into question, it is my greatest hope and true belief that by leading from a place of authentic femininity we can pave the way back to balance between feminine & masculine energy on a global scale. We are meant to stand in equanimity and reciprocity... one step at a time this world will see and we shall know balance restored.

One thing that links all possessors of divine femininity is a depth of emotional capacity that is truly almost indescribable . The closest I can find to describe what it feels like to literally feel and sense the entirety of the world around you is like having a storm within you. While this storm is beautiful it is also unpredictable. I’m sure every Empath who stumbles across this knows exactly what I’m talking about. A major key is to stop trying to fight against the storm and realize we are the ones creating the storm and inhabiting it in the same breath. There are two common issues that tend to creep up for empaths, the first is a perceived inability to disconnect from the stimulation when around other people. Many Empaths find themselves withdrawing from events and social gatherings they’d love to be apart of because they feel so much of the energy of everyone else around them. In these scenarios we must simply reclaim our power. The divine would not offer you a gift such as empathy or intuition and then not also offer you the tool to utilize it properly. I recommend carrying crystals such as Labradorite, Kunzite or Mahogany Obsidian anytime entering an environment with lots of energy you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. Allow them to merge with your energy and become a talisman of energetic protection for you. All the power we need is in our own hands, remember. It is also helpful beyond measure to call in your light (great spirit, your guides, your ancestors) to create a energetic shield of protection for you. Ask and you shall receive, so long as you believe.

The second issue that tends to creep up for Empaths is

the desire to minimize, hide or run away from our own emotions. Having such a deep emotional capacity if not handled with care can begin to feel depleting which is why many try to suppress the feelings entirely. When this happens our emotions don’t lie dormant for long and have a natural tendency to creep up again an unexpected and often detrimental moments. It’s in these moments that the internal storm becomes destructive, we slip into moments of self destruction unable to get a grip on why we’re “suddenly feeling like this out of nowhere” even though the truth of the matter is our subconscious has just finally reached its boiling point.

The most successful way to transmute the emotions you don’t want to carry any longer into energy where it may be released back into the earth and then be reused for the greater good is by simply allowing yourself to freely and authentically feel your emotions, whatever they may be in the moment they occur without trying to alter them or persuade them into being something else with your mind. This means if something makes you sad then in that moment you must be sad so that in the next moment you may be free of its lingering hold on you. Sometimes these moments may last quite a while, there could be several or more days straight where you wake up feeling the same sadness. Honor the sadness, Observe it and let it flow through you. It is so much more beneficial to approach yourself from a place of unconditional love by first acknowledging your emotions and secondly inquiring within to see if there may be something you can do for yourself to help the healing process (perhaps treating yourself to something special, even if it’s just your own time and energy) without ever once trying to force yourself to feel differently. This is how we allow our inner storms to calm themselves. By holding space for ourselves, no matter how much time it requires, then we find ourselves realizing one day the clouds have parted and the sun is shining upon the surface of our waters once more.

“She’s wicked” they say but she sends them red roses anyway. She just slithers on her way, sheds their perceptions like old skin, and begins tending the flowers again. Love is in bloom even when they don’t recognize the source.

Rebel angel, heart swept away by the divine, a figure so divine it must be sinful. Baby let’s burn together.

Mythic woman, what sea did your rise from? Who’s eye did you spring from? For surely just in breath you are divinity.

Magical black woman, Fire in your soul, Earth in your bones. Don’t ever let anyone define your magick, your blood runs with the gold of the divine.

You are a force of nature, created by nature herself, intended to be most graceful in wild abandon

Like the moon we flow and feel in phases. Some are dark, some are light, all of them are a part of the heavens.

A vision of love, exploding with feeling. Technicolor whirls of unfolding majesty, all I can do is ride the wave of cosmic wonder, surrendering to the notion my sensitivity is not a burden but the key to my monumental destiny.


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