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There are two rules to surviving on Earth, spread love to receive love and...

Whenever I wear my green boots I feel stellar. In combination with my one shoulder sequined dress I felt like a cosmic wonder dressed to impress. I laughed to myself when I realized that though one of this blog’s main sources of inspiration is style that’s “out of this world” I’ve never actually done an alien photo sequence on Alien Aesthetic. So, here we are a post dedicated to being an Alien Queen/ Cosmic Wonder/ Celestial Delight

As if beautiful was a strong enough word to describe the universe in the silhouette of a woman
As above, so below. I fell in love with the Earth & returned to the stars
If you want to see
Climbing the steps of ascension, leaving my troubles in the 3rd dimension
"I can feel your energy from two planets away” -KL
Time has lost its meaning as I can no longer tell wether I’m awake or dreaming
Stargazer turned trail blazer
Not of this Earth, I just came to plant cosmic love into the dirt
Dancing through your thoughts, redefining space and time, it all stands still when your eyes lock with mine

Today’s Features Alien is Alicia! On Instagram as @Alicia_loves_alicia. Alicia is a fierce and wise feminine force who I’ve I had the pleasure of meeting through beloved Kindred Spirits Healing Center. Alicia has a natural radiance that would add grace to anything she chooses to adorn herself in. In Alicia’s own words, “Fashion/ expression through style. I think of mountain climbing searching for my ancestors. In a perfect world I would be in caves, temples, pyramids, performing rituals. I use fashion to hide my secrets. I may wear all black but underneath have glitter underwear. I may wear a long coat and have crystals in every pocket. The colors I wear are very intentional, I like solid colors and hardly wear prints. Fashion is my mood ring, you’ll know when I’m happy or upset by the colors I wear.”


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