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Guided by the light of love, infinite grace sings in the tune of my soul’s song. I spent years searching, only to discover I had the power within all along.

This multicolored rose shirt is one of my favorite button ups. I feel the colors give it a very groovy 70’s vibe but overall my love for it comes from a deep resonance I feel for the Rose. For me this flower is a divine messenger, a confirmation that the divine is near and a sacred symbol of divine protection. Truly understanding the power of divine favor and protection has been a indescribably huge theme in my life this Winter. Because of this I decided to dedicate this edition of Alien Aesthetic to Divine love and presence . Though it’s not something we typically discern through the naked eye I decided to use my love of fantasy to create visuals of how I’d like to imagine the light of universal love surrounds me everyday.


This body is a vessel for divine manifestation, This voice an outlet for divine intervention, This heart an ocean for cosmic conception.
Embracing the Anima within led me to discover that it takes wild abandon to ascend
Voices in my head. Some call it crazy, I call it being woven with the universal thread
Send me love, send me hate, spend your energy hoping I make a mistake. Whatever the case I’ll send you divine love in its place, just know the divine eye is always awake.
The leaves whisper my name in a voice dripping in the softness of creation
Divine light permeates midnight hour with the promise of pathways to pleasure

Today’s Featured Alien is Fern on Instagram as @fern.flows. This colorful soul caught my eye while they were in Kindred Spirits and I was instantly enamored with their personal style. My heart eyes grew in size when they introduced themselves as Fern. Not only do they have a wicked sense of style but Fern is also a beautiful flow artist. To me fashion allows you to embody the divine in your own unique interpretation of beauty, rhythm and flow are two certain ways to embody that same powerful energy. In Fern’s own words,”Style rejects ideals. To me, it’s about creating my own unique identity, it’s a preview of my soul & my personality. It’s sets me apart from the masses & shows the world I am in control of who I am. my queer and nonbinary identity influence my style a lot. It allows me to express my feminine and masculine traits and feel comfortable in my own skin”


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