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The first time I wore this floral print corseted dress was on the Summer Solstice. Although this years Solstice was abnormally grey and foggy the dress still kept me in the spirit of Summer. I have a special love for floral print and leaf textures as they make me feel especially connected to our Mother Earth, perhaps it is my nature as a Virgo to love being adorned in my element.

As I grow deeper into my self and deeper into my connection to the divine I find that my connection to nature magnifies tremendously as well.

Evidence of the divine is visible in the majesty of nature all we must do to to connect to her infinite love is slow down and breath her in. Spending time communing with tree spirits has become such an essential part of my spiritual practice and love language that I truly cannot imagine a life where I did not consider nature one of my truest and most reciprocal loves.

I have never been one to claim allegiance to any particularly religion or belief system, preferring to honor my spiritual creativity but when I stumbled into Druidry for the first time in my life I felt instant resonance to a belief system. The message at the heart of Druidry is the interconnection between ourselves, the divine, nature and creative expression. By honoring any of these attributes of the same great love you bring honor to the rest. My heart was so full in realizing that I had been a practicing Druid without even realizing it.

I truly believe with my all heart in our direct link to love being nature. This is why when a soul begins its journey into self love it naturally begins to deepen its love with nature, and when a soul begins to deep its connection to nature it begins to deepen its connection to self. We are truly one, bound in breath, bound in essence by Spirit.

One of my absolute favorite parts of my day is laying beneath a pepper tree in the park for an hour, connecting, grounding and loving. Escaping into the arms of nature doesn’t require you to seek anywhere further than your own neighborhood. There is always a tree that will be more than happy to shower you in love should you decide to rest awhile in the shade of her grace.

Magick still exists in the corners untouched by human greed, where the land is green and the cost of life is free.

Long after the stains of human waste have been washed clear from the surface, Nature will reclaim the shores and the balance of life shall be restored. We belong to Earth, Earth does not belong to us

Once upon a time the Earth was quiet & the stars told stories brighter than city lights ever could.

Home is where the wild things go when the urban lights have lost their glow.

In the rustle of leaves I hear the voice of the divine speak. The kiss of the sun upon my face, true loves warm embrace. Wild flowers cascade down upon my golden crown, all I am comes from the heartbeat within the ground.


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