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When I finished getting ready this morning my first thought was that in this corset top paired with a loose white dress I looked like the embodiment of a medieval maiden brought into the modern world. Later, when I arrived at Kindred Spirits and did my daily Oracle reading for myself I pulled a card that stuck with me throughout the day. It was the “Forest” card from the Archetypes deck by Kim Krans. The most powerful message I received from this card was the importance of allowing oneself to be drawn deeper into the mystery of the world, with the deep knowing that even in darkness you are acquiring experience and insight needed to manifest your deepest desires. The card highlighted that the Forest was a place of duality, where you would meet both your darkest shadows as well as the glimmering light of the divine. I found myself inspired to create a fairytale based on this teaching, my love of fantasy and my own life experiences.

Once upon a time there was a Faerie Queen who lived all alone in her Faerie Castle. Though she found power in her solitude, one day while gazing upon her crystal ball the image of a King floated to the surface. Her Faerie ancestors whispered into her ear, “The King will come to you... but first you must journey into the Enchanted Forest and face your shadows.”
So, she left behind the warmth and safety of her solitude and journeyed across the Spirit River, letting the promise of love be her beacon.
As she reached the threshold of the Enchanted Forest, the tingle of uncertainty dressed up in fear began to creep up her spine, she sensed her shadows were near.
She stepped forward into the darkness. Shadows swirled, gripping her by the wrists and throat. Reminders of past heartbreak clouded her thoughts, leaving her frozen. Fear of history repeating itself swelled in her heart... and for a moment she considered listening to the dark.
Just as thoughts of giving up on love’s promise rose to the surface the voice of her Faerie Ancestors returned, “It is not the shadows who are holding on to you, it is you who must release the shadows. Every heartbreak played its part, let them go so the mending can start. A life lived without love is a life of endless slumber. It’s time to wake up and cross the bridge.” The Queen put one foot on the bridge that had suddenly manifested before her and in a flash of purple smoke the shadows vanished.
She crossed the bridge slowly, one tentative foot in front of the other. Every now and then the shadows reappeared. “You have no power over me!” The Queen declared. Each time the shadows grew less and less heavy until they were wisps of smoke and finally they held no substance at all. Finally, she touched solid ground again. In front of her stood an ancient tower that was guarded by a magnificent purple dragon. To the Queen’s surprise the dragon spoke, “I am the eye of the Divine. Inside my keep is the treasure that you seek. If you want to come forward you must release your doubts and fears of me.” What if there is no treasure and this dragon burns me alive? Fear spilled its way into the Queen’s mind. Once again the Faerie Ancestors returned. “You’ve made it this far. What has fear ever done but lie to you?”
The Queen took a deep breath, mustered her courage and walked forward. The dragon rose high into the air where it suddenly changed form, cracking into purple electricity. The entrance to the keep was left wide open. Feeling bravery coursing through her in ways that she had never known before she walked up the towering steps.
She found herself standing in a crystalline palace. No matter which way she looked she could see no end, no beginning to this magickal space. Hovering right before her was the Moon, a goddess more beautiful than the Queen could have ever imagined. “Welcome” The Moon said in a voice that was dripping in the essence of love, “I have for you the key to universal love in all its forms.” The Moon opened her mouth and out floated a blue potion that crashed like ocean waves within its vial. “What is it?” The Faerie Queen asked as she took it in her hand. “Vulnerability.” The Moon answered with a smile.
As the Faerie Queen left the palace she turned and saw that once again it was an ancient tower. Suddenly, the Enchanted Forest which before had been so full of darkness and uncertainty was blooming with flowers and filled with light of the sun. The Queen stewed in her new power allowing the new found insights of her experiences to cascade over her like the gentlest of rainfall. A magic mirror suddenly danced before her and once again she saw the reflected image of her king. “I’m coming.” It was as if she heard the voice from within her own heart.
When the King arrived she felt in her soul that he had been there with her all along. Suddenly she understood in perfect clarity that it was those shadows that gave her the gift of recognizing the magnificence of his light. The two joined hands, forgot about all their worldly demands and found home shimmering in the sky amongst the other stars.

Today’s Featured Alien is Firefly, on Instagram as

@fireflyoshenisis. I was at a bar when I first encountered firefly. When I go out I like to be in own bubble but I simply could not take my eyes off of Firefly. She was strikingly beautiful and her style is one of the boldest that I have ever seen. Truly she was so magnetic that I had to walk over to her, introduce myself and ask if I could feature her on Alien Aesthetic.

Her creativity is evident in the way she adorns herself. Every piece I’ve seen her in is absolutely striking, yet she makes it look effortless in a way that only she could achieve. To me fashion is truly about wearing the colors of your soul on your skin and Firefly embodies that energy in an explosive way. In her own words, “what fashion means to me? Fashion is all about expression, it’s all about versatility, I don’t see shirts and pants and necklaces, I just see fabrics and pieces. A shirt could be a skirt, a necklace could be a garter belt. It’s a chance to show yourself before you even speak and I think it’s beautiful.”


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